Piazza Duomo, 3 stars Michelin in Alba

In the center of Alba -Piedmont, Langhe area- from the union between Piedmontese wine producer Ceretto family and chef Enrico Crippa, borns  Piazza Duomo restaurantThe location is definitely not a casual one. In fact, the Piedmontese old town center is the stronghold of the famous white truffle, along with prestigious Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Within this unique frame of colors and flavors, since 2005, Piazza Duomo is the creative reign of this – three stars Michelin – chef.

Enrico Crippa was born in 1971 in Carate Brianza. His experience in first class catering starts with master chef Gualtiero Marchesi, in the renowned Milanese restaurant located in Bonvesin de la Riva street. Chef Crippa’s stairway to success is quick, almost immediate, and includes collaborations with top European chefs such as Christian Willer from “Palme d’Or” (in Cannes, France) and Chef Ghislaine Arabian at the Ledoyen restaurant in Paris. But there’s more: Enrico Crippa also worked with Antoine Westermann at the Restaurant Buerehiesel, in Strasbourg (Belgium) and Michel Bras at “Laguiole” – also in France. Last but not least Chef Crippa has cooked with the one and only Chef Ferran Adria at “El Bulli” restaurant in Roses – Costa Brava. The idea to open a restaurant in partnership with the Ceretto family started in 2003: two years later Piazza Duomo opened to the public.

This chef cuisine is rigorous, balanced and founded on culture and intuition. Asked about the primary target for his restaurant, Crippa reveals “My guests happiness, which is also mine”. A well-thought approach to contemporary cuisine dishes, the quality of carefully selected ingredients is the background for the well balanced and delightfully light chef’s creations, which all express quality without compromise.  

Crippa is helped by his dedicated kitchen staff In his daily aim to amaze the most demanding clients. Inspired by the territory and in harmony with the secular tradition of respect for its raw material – the fresh produce employed in the kitchen comes directly from the chef personal vegetable garden. A very unique palate experience is achieved – in particular- by ordering the chef’s fresh minestrone or the famous Italian, raw fresh vegetable pinzimonio.

The wine list from the Ceretto family – producers for three generation now- reflects the excellent typical products of the Langhe area and clears the palates at Piazza Duomo restaurant.It is where Sommelier Vincenzo Donatiello – born in 1985, awarded Best Sommelier for the Romagna region in 2004 and 2010 – suggests the most suitable wine choice to the clients.

The atmosphere at Piazza Duomo is very welcoming, not just at the tables but all around, with three rooms and a suite, characterized by a minimalistic choice in design. The rooms are a gourmet lover’s heaven, all inducing a sense of comfort and rest to travelers, eager to explore the fascinating Langhe’s area culture, history, and exceptional cuisine flavors.


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