YESEY is synonymous with Haute Couture

A multi-ethnic creative mix

There was a high expectation for the spring-summer collection of Yesey, an artisan headwear company, which, over the years, has established itself as a reference brand in the world of high fashion. Born from the ashes of a Bolognese artisan workshop, Yesey was created in 2009 by milliner and creative Dana Jauker, born in Brazil from a Czechoslovakian father and a Bolognese mother.

The passion of Dana

for hat-making began in the early 80’s out of the creative melting pot of theater, dance and design with former partner Dario Quintavalle. Together they created the label Rub&Dub, producing traditionally hand-crafted millinery for top international boutiques.

Collaboration with top brands

Alongside their own line, their unique headpieces graced the runway shows of designers Romeo Gigli, Yohji Yamamoto, Eric Tibush, as well as the collections of brands Collection Privée, Daniela Bizzi, Giorgio Brato. In 1999 they began a prestigious decade’s work with the historic Italian millinery brand Borsalino, designing and manufacturing its haute couture women’s collection.

Much successful activity

in 2009 saw Dana ready to create her own millinery label, the palindromic Yesey, now a well known brand. After three successful decades in the trade, rather than industrialize her production, Dana has stayed true to using much-loved traditional artisan techniques. So today as yesterday her hats are entirely hand made in Italy, mostly from natural felt or straw, steam-shaped on wooden blocks and hand-sewn to requirements.

A unique collection

Dana’s creative passion is constantly renewed in her laboratory, which hosts the largest word collection of “wooden heads”, inherited from the ancient Milanese company of the Passerini family, a centuries-old tradition that now lives on in Yesey’s creations. Today, like yesterday, all Yesey hats are entirely handmade, mostly in natural felt or straw, steam-molded on wooden blocks, and hand-sewn.

Limited edition Rare and precious stock fabrics

from historic milliners inspire Yesey’s one-off pieces of bespoke and limited edition headware. Her most recent work includes a capsule collection for the footwear brand Fiorentini+Baker. Dana’s creative passion is constantly refreshed in her ideal workshop, its walls surrounded by a stunning one-of-a-kind historic wooden-block collection. The brand workshop and show room is located in Bologna, but Yesey hats can be either purchased from the brand’s online store and boutiques internationally.

YESEY-Tralux savana

YESEY is synonymous with Haute Couture

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