TauletoSpa Vitis Philosophy

Beauty and wellness treatments coming from the most ancient plant, symbol of civilization: the Vine therapy by TauletoSpaThe secret of beauty arises from the land. The Tauleto vineyard spreads out on the Bolognese hill in Romagna, it has a late harvest and its exposition produces healthy grapes, rich in color and full of poliphenols. The active ingredients and antioxidants extracted from the Tauleto vines are concentrated in a new line of products: Raccolto 2016, a formula rich in Vitamins E. The hydrating and smoothing action of the Vitamin E together with the organic grape seed oil, leaves the skin compact and radiant and fights the action of the free radicals.

Tauleto Vitis Philosophiae is the realization of Giuliana Cesari’s dream, to transform the fruit of the Tauleto vineyard into precious active ingredients. Resveratrol, the most powerful anti-ageing polyphenol extracted from the peel and grape seed, Bioflavonoids and anthocyanins from vine leaves and vine branches, trace elements and mineral salts in the soil are the main ingredients of Vinetherapy®.

Giuliana Cesari has conceived the Tauleto project, an original line of natural products, starting from the Sangiovese Tauleto produced by the pluri-awarded family’s wine company Umberto Cesari, and 12 years ago she created the first fragrance from the natural essence of wine. The beautiful Lady of the Wine has collaborated with Milanese Marco Maffei, to formulate a deep yet delicate scent from the complex bouquet of note produced by the Sangiovese grapes. This exquisite perfume is presented in a refined glass bottle inside a wooden packaging to recall the cellar atmosphere. The Tauleto “DiVino” perfume is the world’s first wine fragrance. Today, there is a full line of red grapes polyphenols-based products including perfumes, room fragrances, face and body care, specifically created for Spas. You can find the TauletoSpa products in selected Wellness centers, concept stores and artistic perfumeries.

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TauletoSpa Vitis Philosophy

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