Palazzo di Varignana, my Journey into wellness

A relaxing Holiday at Palazzo di Varignana 

I have decided to leave for a short relaxing holiday. I have a few days and no desire to drive. I came across the Preferred Hotel & Resorts collection, I’m looking for the ideal place: peace, nature, good food and a relaxing Spa to spoil myself.

Resort & Spa

The resort is tempting, with its seductive and just what I was looking for. I booked it and leave for the beautiful hills of Bologna! January 1st, here I am! I’m thrilled…all my expectations have been exceeded! I’m on what it seems to be a private street going up to 188 m asl and suddenly a perfectly restored castle appears together with a stunning view. It’s a typical17th-century Tuscan country residence, but for me it looks like a dream castle and I’m its princess.

Going around, I realize the resort Palazzo di Varignana is huge, bigger and more scenic than I could ever imagined; everything is attractive, set in 20 hectares of parkland among fountains, little streams, enchanted gardens and even a little maze of hedges and plants. In the heart of the park, the Garden winds its way around the former country villa, with a private pool overlooking the hills, a place very private and discreet for a unique experience.

I have just entered into a fairytale…which is my room, a very spacious mini suite, modern and elegant, with a perfect bathroom in transparent glass. The designer created all kind of comforts, and every day I enjoy a delicious breakfast in my perfectly air-conditioned room, with carpet and high quality logoed linen.

The weather is the best, sunny everyday, dry and clean chilled air, unpolluted, I walk everyday relaxed and free, among olive trees and meadows equipped with outdoor sport appliances, just as I like, with my happy dog running around, breathing the smell and perfumes of the earth. In the Spa I experienced expert Thai massages, and top range cosmetic products. Whirlpools and pools with hydro massage jets, strong enough to drain any body.

The only flaw is the food, it’s too good and I already put on some weight. It’s impossible to resist the delicacies proposed by the staff, always kind and smiling. I tried every single course of the restaurant lounge bar for lunch, and ended in great style at gourmet Il Palazzo restaurant. In both restaurants, young but expert chefs have created gourmet dishes from a painstaking and expert interpretation of the tradition of creative cooking and local cuisine. And it’s not all! Most of the fruit and vegetables, oil and soon wine too, is cultivated inside the property. Five days go quickly and I leave for Milan with my mind already set into coming back in spring or early summer, when the Resort will be all blossomed and the outdoor Spa and pool areas fatherly improved. Following the next episode!

Palazzo di Varignana




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