Art and design mix up: Verteramo’s Design

Who is Roberta Verteramo?

Roberta Verteramo is a versatile, expert artist with a passion for design. Hard study and work experience in Italy and abroad underlie her activity. She aims at capturing the essence of objects with an artistry that makes them special and unique.  From exhibitions to paintings, from artistic design to sculpture, she smoothly experimented all aspects of visual art.

The Jewel paintings for Yachts

In 2016, Verteramo found its fil rouge in high-end luxury design “Jewel Paintings”,are his works of art created in “lightness” for yacht special project. The canvas is in fact replaced by metals like silver and gold, as well as bronze, skilfully covered with layers ofresinmixed up with rare pigments and embossed with precious stones. Verteramo interprets the vision of its customers with empathy, passion and craftsmanship, and raises customised luxury to a new artistic level.
Verteramo’ Art finds the highest expression in design Jewel forniture. Her experiments range from resin to metal that make a success with personal techniques.
At  the 2018 Milan Design Week, she introduces the “GIOIELLO” collection, that includes paintings and art objects of great aesthetic impact.
Verteramo is her artist name. To know more, visit


Since the early stages of her artistic life, Verteramo has been passionate about the design world. As an artist, she always tried to capture the essence of the various artistic expressions. From performances to paintings, from art-design to sculpture, she fluidly experimented all facets of visual art. In 2016, Verteramo found her fil rouge in high-end luxury design. In her lavish artwork, “Jewel Paintings”, canvas is replaced by metals like silver, gold and bronze, skillfully covered with layers of resin mixed with rare pigments and embossed with precious stones. Verteramo interprets her clients’ vision with empathy, passion and exquisite craftsmanship and takes bespoke luxury to a new artful level.

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Art and design mix up: Verteramo’s Design

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