WINGAMM : traveling with style!

The Italian design

Freedom, comfort, and all-Italian design to start a journey in total relaxation with your ideal camper. The proposal starts from Wingamm, the leading Italian company in the camping and RV industry that personalizes and carefully serves the most demanding customers’ requests. I recently  visited its headquarters nearby Verona, in Settimo di Pescantina, in order to take a close look at campers and caravans, my semi-unknown topic. My expectations have been fully met! I was struck by the bed that comes out from the ceiling (an exclusive Wingamm patent).  The attention to detail, the customizable fabrics and the shower enclosures, contribute to generate a concentrate of style. It allows me to understand how this company for 40 years has been enthusiastically tackling the challenges of the market with a single objective: to offer unique and exclusive travel experiences to traveling tourists.

The unmissable events in Italy and abroad

In September the second Wingamm was present at the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2018 and during these days they will also be at the SALONE DEL CAMPER PARMA from the 8th to the 16th of September. These are two key events for “moving freely philosophy” fans.

Some data

The organizers state that the Italian camper and caravan owners have reached 4.1 million units (2016 data), for a total of 27.6 million nights and an annual turnover of around 1.5 billion euros. On the other hand, foreign tourist are 4.3 million, for a total of 26.7 million nights at the cost of 1.4 billion euros.

Wingamm in the cinema with Maurizio Gigola

In 2019 Wingamm will participate in the filming of the new film by the director and producer Maurizio Gigola. Maurizio Gigola is the director and producer of the successful documentary “Gualtiero Marchesi – The Great Italian” released in the Italian cinemas last March. Furthermore, he started shooting the first scenes of his new production that deals with the history of Ancel Keys and the issues related to the development of the Mediterranean diet in the world, with a particular focus on the Italian olive oil production. “The Keys Factor” is storytelling of the highest profile, with characters from Italian haute cuisine and Italian culture of international prestige.

Maurizio Gigola will travel across Italy on board of the Wingamm OASI 610 GL 

OASI 610 GL by Wingam  is a best seller, the compact and elegant design is perfect to carry out trips and interviews. Maurizio Gigola drove it and during his first experience on board of camper, he was able to appreciate the technology, comfort and design of Wingamm, an Italian brand of great excellence that fits perfectly with the high-level companies that participate in its productions. The Italian composer and musician Andrea Pozzoli,  sets the tone for the first shot episode which will be showcased during the next trade shows at the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2018 (24 August-2 September 2018) and IL SALONE DEL CAMPER PARMA (8/16 September). MFM, an Italian excellence platform, will be media partner of the project by creating media content such as interviews, photographs and exclusive videos.  While LMJ International is the agency that follows the project, the sponsorships and the press office.



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