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Milan’s fashion shows: perfect recap between masculine and feminine

Despite the infection threat of the new coronavirus, rebaptized COVID-19, Milan’s fashion week presented impressive proposals that vary from ultra feminine necklines, mini dresses and precious applications, to refined masculine looks like tailleurs with fluid trousers and well marked waistlines  This edition will be certainly remembered with Giorgio Armani’s and Cristina Burani’s models that cover the […]

Top jewelry and sinuous geometries for the designer Avel Lenttan

The presentation at the Savini Caffè Lounge of Milano Eclectic and creative, with a passion for design, art and Italian excellence, she has dedicated herself to perfecting two rich and complex collections of jewels, by presenting  her new brand to guests and journalists. Avel, precise and a perfectionist, has an infinite love of details. This […]

Cambur Pinton, an immersive journey in Venezuelan Music

Cambur Pinton Cambur Pinton is the magical sound that accompanies the teaching of the Venezuelan cuatro and represents with four words four notes: CAM-BUR-PIN-TON, a sound that everyone in Venezuela recognizes. It is also the new adventure of Maurizio Gigola, who in close collaboration with his wife Rennea Couttenye will produce a new documentary on the people, the territory, above […]

Realtor Advisor: Milano’s company new Luxury Real Estate

Italy and its Made in Italy Italy is an ideal country for investments and the luxury real estate industry sounds to be a good one. International market suggest different real estate projects able to combine the location’s excellence with living and architectural new frontiers. Realtor Advisor, a new independent and international real estate network, chooses Milan […]

Ganci: Milan’s best silver craftmanship boutique

Ganci: silver craftsmanship since 1929 We meet up with Giovanna Morandino, this family tradition began tre generations ago. It was wisely and carefuly passed on since 1929 and now Giovanna runs the family business together with her three brothers Giuseppe, Giorgio e Gianluca. Giuseppe Morandino Carmelo Ganci establishes the company in 1926. The family business was taken […]

In Fubine Monferrato the harvest of Villa Remotti

A special day in the vineyards I spent a unique experience among the vineyards of the Villa Remotti farm in the Municipality of Fubine Monferrrato. A calm and magical landscape among the most beautiful hills of Italy. Raffaella Rossi and her husband Riccardo Garosci are a special couple; they both share a passion for good […]

WINGAMM : traveling with style!

The Italian design Freedom, comfort, and all-Italian design to start a journey in total relaxation with your ideal camper. The proposal starts from Wingamm, the leading Italian company in the camping and RV industry that personalizes and carefully serves the most demanding customers’ requests. I recently  visited its headquarters nearby Verona, in Settimo di Pescantina, […]

Art and design mix up: Verteramo’s Design

Who is Roberta Verteramo? Roberta Verteramo is a versatile, expert artist with a passion for design. Hard study and work experience in Italy and abroad underlie her activity. She aims at capturing the essence of objects with an artistry that makes them special and unique.  From exhibitions to paintings, from artistic design to sculpture, she smoothly experimented all aspects of visual […]

Palazzo di Varignana, my Journey into wellness

A relaxing Holiday at Palazzo di Varignana  I have decided to leave for a short relaxing holiday. I have a few days and no desire to drive. I came across the Preferred Hotel & Resorts collection, I’m looking for the ideal place: peace, nature, good food and a relaxing Spa to spoil myself. Resort & Spa […]

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Must Have is in Milan

Can you wear a stunning, iconic dress at an affordable price? The answer is Yes, absolutely! Since there is a boutique in Milan, a few steps from Rotonda della Besana, whose brand new concept and content allow you an ‘exclusive’ shopping experience. You can find a few selected leather, silk, cashmere and precious fabrics’ clothes, unique, high-quality […]