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Must Have is in Milan

Can you wear a stunning, iconic dress at an affordable price? The answer is Yes, absolutely! Since there is a boutique in Milan, a few steps from Rotonda della Besana, whose brand new concept and content allow you an ‘exclusive’ shopping experience. You can find a few selected leather, silk, cashmere and precious fabrics’ clothes, unique, high-quality models that can be customized as far as materials and colors, produced by the excellent small workshops of the “Made in Italy.” The minds behind this brilliant idea are those of two friends, both of them coming from the Fashion luxury industry with a long experience on other luxury brands. You find a broad choice that goes from wedding dresses to cocktail dresses and gowns, from silk pajamas “by day” to refined studded leather jackets, accessories, and jewelry. Graziella Contin Mancini, Project Leader for the brand, Must Have km0 and Fashion Consulting for other fashion brands, has a huge experience as a Manager for Leader Design Brands such as “Maison Valentino”. Vania Sommariva, Fashion Designer for Must Have km0 and also long-time Stylist and Art Director at the Maison “Fontana Couture”, has a vast experience as a designer, personal stylist and image curator for premier dammes.

Must Have kilometro0 offers a personal styling service by appointment, to design any special occasions look needed by its clients. The bride can create the dress of her dreams together with the stylist. What else can you wish?….


Must Have kilometrozero

Viale Montenero, 60

20122 Milano

Email: info@musthavekm0.com


Must Have is in Milan

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