Cambur Pinton, an immersive journey in Venezuelan Music

Cambur Pinton

Cambur Pinton is the magical sound that accompanies the teaching of the Venezuelan cuatro and represents with four words four notes: CAM-BUR-PIN-TON, a sound that everyone in Venezuela recognizes. It is also the new adventure of Maurizio Gigola, who in close collaboration with his wife Rennea Couttenye will produce a new documentary on the people, the territory, above all the Venezuelan music. Written and directed four hands by both, it will be accompanied by a “travel diary” composed by a box containing a book and a DVD that will collect many extra contributions of this new adventure with a great soundtrack. A non-profit project will develop around the film, supporting young Venezuelan musicians, talented young people in a country more and more
in trouble.

Exclusively for MFM a preview of the story and the trailer of the film.

The power of music

In August 1969 Swami Satchidananda, an Indian teacher and spiritual teacher, gave the opening speech after a performance by Richie Havens who started the Woodstock music festival. He turned to almost half a million people with a very touching and powerful message: “My beloved brothers and sisters, we can only feel vibrations. Music is a heavenly sound and it is the sound that controls the entire universe, not the atomic vibrations. The energy of sound, the power of music, is much, much bigger than any other power in this world. And one thing I would like so much that you all remember: is that with sound that we can “do”, and at the same time, “destroy” (and screamed into the microphone). A great moment in the history of the power of music.

Caracas Calling

The same power of music took me to Caracas last winter to start a very inspiring documentary on music. We spent two months producing in Venezuela, with scenes shooted outdoors and in studio. This 10 clips of about 2 minutes each were born to show the treatment and narrative style accompanied by a complete 18 minute editing including some backstage interviews. Rennea Couttenye and I started shooting Cambur Pinton last winter and we want to finish it early next year. It was not easy: when we were there we had several days of “apagon” (black out) and the whole country fell completely into darkness, physically and emotionally. I think the news has also been talked about in Italy.

Our Crew

We worked with an entirely Venezuelan fantastic troupe, all very helpful and highly professional, super-motivated towards our goal, our “mission”. Cambur Pintón is a journey, a film about the transcendental passages of the music of Venezuela where the viewer is witness to the way in which the spirit of people, the land they live in and the instruments by themselves built and played. Through the music we capture the Venezuelan cultural identity, the power, the strength of the people and their capacity for resistance, in a country in very serious difficulties.

Without words

Cambur Pintón is a “non-narrative” documentary. The viewer is present and immersed in a visual and auditory journey with little or no speech. The dialogues between the characters are brief; there are songs that tell stories of real people with instruments they built and played in the context of their homes, in their towns or in rural gatherings. A highly immersive experience where, through a visual language made of hyper-realistic images and an enveloping surround sound, we want to introduce one of the most fascinating musical traditions on the planet.

Thanks to  Vanni Eyewear e Hoya Lens for the colored lents using  during filming  Angelica Pagnelli, International Image Consultant, Trainer World & Retail Trainer, specialized in image and style for the choice of frames.

Maurizio Gigola- Cambur Pinton

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