Milan’s fashion shows: perfect recap between masculine and feminine

Despite the infection threat of the new coronavirus, rebaptized COVID-19,

Milan’s fashion week presented impressive proposals that vary from ultra feminine necklines, mini dresses and precious applications, to refined masculine looks like tailleurs with fluid trousers and well marked waistlines

 This edition will be certainly remembered with Giorgio Armani’s and Cristina Burani’s

models that cover the catwalk of the second to last day of the shows with a phantom public. The last day scheduled has been totally cancelled: no events, press days or other shows. Nevertheless, we can say Milan’s fashion was back to shine. Set aside the street wear mood, a more creative and sartorial made in Italy took his place in between proposals with a masculine allure and others truly feminine.

China, we are with you

Great success for Camera Nazionale della Moda project, “China, we are with you”. More than 16 millions chineses buyers and insiders could watch the shows on streaming thanks to Tencent platform. But let’s talk about trend. Fringes were omnipresent, in different fabrics and lengths. Used as an ornamental detail or to cover entirely coats and dresses. Their hypnotic movement gifted with seductive fluidity every item, accessories included. Audacious mini dresses and skirts become more and more short, while 80’s puff sleeves, pailettes and rouches also seem to resist. Amongst the unexpected accessories we find men ties. It can be worn as a foulard if the material is silk or any other soft fabric, or classically carried if realized with more rigid materials.

Dolce & Gabbana

The fashion stylist duo focuses on craftsmanship also for the autumn/winter women show. A parade of iconic outfits and accessories that had always represented the brand and its philosophy occupy the catwalk. Dominant color remains black, expect all shades of grey, pois print and total white for shirts. Recognizable the classic sexy bustier dress or pinstripe trousers tailleur. As well as black flat caps, twist of crossed chains, mini bags, red roses and jais applications and sandals with stiletto heels. Interesting the fabric mix between chiffon impalpability and  tricot texture used for dresses, outwear and maxi cardigans.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Paul Andrews, creative director of the maison, is between the ones to have honored the female figure using masculine and feminine fashion. In the same show we find two souls; the one of rigorous coats or capes, masculine suits that slip away gently on the body, denim and leather skin-tight tracksuits with a military mood, but also transparencies, naked backs, sensual metallic games and slits. As usual the iron rules of the brand have been well represented. Continuous material research and little admission to excess and thrills for a proposal that always remains original and sophisticated.


Enormous candelabras and harpsichord symphonies make it clear that Jeremy Scott took inspiration from another world, yet another; the pop version of the iconic Marie Antoinette, queen of France. References from the 18th century are evident from the first to the last look; pastel colors and material choices like brocade and crochet. The classic panier gown is completely revolutionized in a mini panier skirt worn with high heels crossed laced boots that cover the knee. The most admired outfits where the oversize dresses that seemed to be garnished like cakes; decorations seemed to be realized in 3D thanks to their precision. Delicious were also the micro bags, a different one for every outfit. Some of them were decorated with the Japanese manga Lady Oscar, set during the French revolution.


Alessandro Michele astounds the second day of this edition by opening the usually locked up backstage to public curiosity. Before models could reach a cylindrical structure at the stage center, a sort of carousel, guests could attend make-up, hair dressing and clothing sessions. The show has become a liturgy were Michele didn’t use a united style. Accompanied by the voice of the Italian film director Federico Fellini, different kind of women were prepared for the show. Ladies from the nineteenth centuries adorned by pastel colors and black lace, smart 60’s girls with leather mini dresses with a fetish twist, youngsters in grunge style with sloppy jeans and floral slips and the unavoidable preppy students with tulle gowns, knee socks and mocassins.


Milano Fashion Week 2020- Dolce & Gabbana

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