Top jewelry and sinuous geometries for the designer Avel Lenttan

The presentation at the Savini Caffè Lounge of Milano

Eclectic and creative, with a passion for design, art and Italian excellence, she has dedicated herself to perfecting two rich and complex collections of jewels, by presenting  her new brand to guests and journalists. Avel, precise and a perfectionist, has an infinite love of details. This is where her research started off from, going from the gifted hands of Italian master goldsmiths to the choice of valuable quality materials.

Travels, experiences, curiosities and passion of Made in Italy

Her creative motivation she has been pursuing for years, the result of experiences in travel, rich in spirituality, together with curiosity and a desire for research and opening up to the exclusive style of the world of precious stones. She continuously discovers new things to appreciate and search out, as well as distinctive aesthetics. Her collections are dynamic and changing, like her personality.

International precision and Italian creativity

An exclusive event at the prestigious Savini Caffè Lounge, with many friends and Italian and International famous names from fashion, design and top jewelry. In the course of the evening, some pieces which are part of her vast collection were on show. The designer loves Italian taste and style, and thanks to her search for perfection, realization of the jewels has been distributed in three production areas on the Italian territory, choosing laboratories with over 80 years’ experience in the goldsmithing sector. The advanced process of digital prototyping makes it possible to partially automate the creation of the jewels, which therefore become the result of a semi-industrial production process, while maintaining the traditional “Made in Italy“ craftsmanship

The unique “Mirror” creations in gold, stones and pavé of diamonds.

In the Lounge area, guests were delighted to see an exclusive preview of the new creations. The star of the event was the first collection of “Mirror” jewels, which can be bought online on a new e-commerce website. The creativity starts off from the triangle, which is the motif chosen as the icon of the Mirror collection. A unique and fascinating geometric figure, without diagonals and with the least number of sides. Its aesthetics are oriented towards essence. The triangle is a symbol imbued with esoteric mystery that has always fascinated populations and cultures in the whole world.

A young, rapidly developing company

Created in 2018, Avel Lenttan’s company has given itself important goals and at present projects, produces and delivers luxury jewels for women and men in the whole world. A catalogue of over 300 products for the jewels signed Avel Lenttan, which are offered in two main collections with different target segments and prices: the “Mirror” collection is more refined than the “Dove Vai” collection, which is for younger buyers.

Three lines of expression

Both collections have three lines of expression for the jewels, from just the presence of gold and of the precious stones, to the settings with diamonds, up to the full pavé of diamonds. Gold is the common denominator of all the jewels, in the variations of pink gold, yellow gold and white gold. The stars of the Anniversary collection and of the M e T collections are the diamonds, shiny and pure, that make them precious. Launch of the Uomo collection is forecast for March 2020.

A new creative concept

Avel Lenttan is a brand with a creative concept and thousands of aspects. It unites Italian style with an international dimension and offers itself to the foreign market, with a new  e-commerce website as its main sales channel. The particularity and uniqueness of the jewels offered is concentrated on the possibility of the jewel being created directly by the buyer, who chooses the type of gold and of the stones, as he/she buys it with the assistance of a viewer.

The brand’s distinctive character

The innovation inherent in the production and product itself is the defining character of the brand, which, with its multi-discipline soul, is able to cover the whole creative and production cycle, from the initial blueprints to the sale of the finished product. The company has concentrated on the model of business innovation, which unites digitalization, IoT, blockchain, original design and rapid prototyping, 4.0 technological innovation.



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