Realtor Advisor: Milano’s company new Luxury Real Estate

Italy and its Made in Italy

Italy is an ideal country for investments and the luxury real estate industry sounds to be a good one. International market suggest different real estate projects able to combine the location’s excellence with living and architectural new frontiers. Realtor Advisor, a new independent and international real estate network, chooses Milan as its headquarters. The company, concieved by Filippo Raffaele , gives access to Private and Corporateclients to an expanend and high standard set of investment opportunites in both national and international top locations.

Consolidated Partnerships

A consolidate partnership’s network is for Italy a new challenge. A network formed by Real Estate top player brokers which team up to offer exclusive investments in Italy and abroad. International partners follow the French Riviera coast, U.S.A, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ibiza, Marbella and the Costa del Sol area.

Virtual reality’s 3D Models

Realtor Advisor invested on an easy use platform which makes use of 3D models. Clients can have easy access to the complete viewing of each and every property. The turn-key option offers a financial, legal, budgetary and management advice in order to guarantee a rapid and safe negotiation.

Corporate Clients

Corporate clients are fully supported towards international development that can lead to an appropriate real estate research, the exact plot of land where your future business will stand, to the top management home solution individuation. Realtor Advisor has a tailor made approach and will take you to the fulliment of formal and bureaucratic obligations in Italy and abroad.

Realtor Advisor Club

Access is permitted only upon invitation. Real estate proposals, tailor made preferential conditions and exclusive event invitaions are reserved for members only. Lamborghini Milano, Orologeria Luigi Verga and Strategica’s Fine Art and Private clients divisionare just some of the luxury brands involved.

Javier Zanetti and Paula de la Fuente @ Milan’s Four Season Hotel

The Four Seasons’ Hotel hosted a special event for Relator Advisor’s arrivalin Milan dedicated to Javier Zanetti and Paula de la Fuente’s P.U.P.I. Onlus foundation that promotes and supports developing projects for deprived childhood.


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