In Fubine Monferrato the harvest of Villa Remotti

A special day in the vineyards

I spent a unique experience among the vineyards of the Villa Remotti farm in the Municipality of Fubine Monferrrato. A calm and magical landscape among the most beautiful hills of Italy.

Raffaella Rossi and her husband Riccardo Garosci are a special couple; they both share a passion for good wine which unites them. In 2002 they founded Villa Remotti, buying this beautiful historic villa. The house is perfectly restored, combining its ancient charm with class. The estate, at the time had 2 hectares of vines each with its own vineyard. In addition,  an archaeological investigation revealed that the vines had grown on this estate for two thousand years. A magical destiny.

The culture of wine production

As a novice of viticulture and wine business, Raffaella Rossi employed Giorgio Caroscio, a local grower and wine producer with decades of experience in the cultivation of Barbera on this land. Caroscio is directly involved in the winemaking and has applied his craft experience in the transformation of the estate to meet the needs of its niche market of restaurants and wine shops.

The position of the vineyard and the wine philosophy

Fubine offers a favorable climate for the cultivation of grapes thanks to its rich in clay social and to the potable water that nourishes the vines with calcium. Furthermore, the south-western hill exposure ripens the grapes to perfection.

Villa Remotti is a craft production specialized in Barbera d’Asti. Their philosophy is simple: only the best vineyard practices and the utmost attention to detail in winemaking produces wines with a unique character and aromatic profile. Villa Remotti implements both modern and ancient techniques, for example each vine is supported by a chestnut pole at each end and beautiful roses are cultivated as a natural method of pest control.  Therefore, the vines grown to produce these wines have an extremely low yield per hectare. The grapes are harvested using perforated baskets while the stems are eliminated during the pressing phase. The hospitality of Raffaella Rossi made this first harvesting experience in the Monferrato very pleasant.

The most representative product is the Barbera: the Barbera d’Asti “Fanciot” with aromas of violet and walnut husk along with the ripe sour cherry zest. Barbera d’Asti “Raffardo” is from the high hill vineyards; it has a more deep violet flavor and a marked acidity. The Chardonnay «Sha’ar» must also be tasted.  However, what struck us the most is the Rosé Metodo Classico Petit Perlage’s fragrance, that comes from the  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay’s vines.

The Video of Villa Remotti

The new video of Villa Remotti has been entrusted to the director Maurizio Gigola, already known for the production of the documentary “Gualtiero Marchesi- The Great Italian”. The director is currently in Italy to shoot two new productions related to the theme of FOOD: “The Keys Factor” and “Wine Odyssey”.

Villa Remotti- Fubine Monferrato

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