Ganci: Milan’s best silver craftmanship boutique

Ganci: silver craftsmanship since 1929

We meet up with Giovanna Morandino, this family tradition began tre generations ago. It was wisely and carefuly passed on since 1929 and now Giovanna runs the family business together with her three brothers Giuseppe, Giorgio e Gianluca.

Giuseppe Morandino

Carmelo Ganci establishes the company in 1926. The family business was taken over by Giuseppe Morandino, Carmelo’s grandson, in 1960.As Giovanna shows us the boutique, she illustrates us the antique Ganci family stamp, the Ganci surname is clearly there since the 1920s. Giovanna explains us that her grandfather used to plate fountain pens for prestigious brands such as Aurora, Parker and many more. He decided to open up and invest by producing and manifacturing precious silver objects. The idea revealed itself to be an excellent one.

Made in Italy Luxury Craftsmanship

Trays, goblets, vases, boxes, plates and lamps, everything made in pure and crafted silver. The Ganci family is also well-know for some ancient manufacturing processes using chisels, carving and subsoiling. An e-commerce trade would not be appropriate for this kind of business. Objects are too preciouse and refined to be evaluted from a simple high definition image. Clients must view each piece in person. Ganci can produce unique and commissioned objects entirely hand made in our laboratories. We do have contacts with some of the best designers, but we prefer dealing personally with our clients in order to understand better their requests and needs.

Fashion changes, silver remains

We ask how silver trading changed in the last ten years and we are told that the business still works, but only as a niche market. A silver objet is now a prestigious, tailor made gift. In Italy silver traders are nowadys very few. Ganci tried to mantain high standards and to open up to new foreign markets: France, Switzerland, U.S.A, China and the Middle East.

Silver, marble and design

To involve a a younger target, Ganci decided to open up to new trends such as product customazation. During the past Milan Design Weekthe biggest hand painted Koran was realizedwith precious metals covers. Next important date? Partecipate to Hong Kong’s jewellery trade show.

GANCI ARGENTERIE-Famiglia Morandino

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