Dominque Laugé Moitiéssage at Galleria 70

Exquisite vintage jewels welcome visitors and onlookers at the entrance of Galleria 70, in Corso di Porta Nuova Milan. Once inside, the theme is the traditional still life, but reinterpreted giving more space to experimentation. In occasion of the “Still lifes by Dominique Lauge” exhibition, it will be held a moitiéssage, an event held in the middle of the exhibition time, free from the formality of vernissage, and still far from the nostalgic and crepuscular atmosphere of the finissage. 

Dominique Laugé was born in 1958 and studied literature at the University of Bordeaux. Between 1982 and 1984 he followed courses at the Brooks Institute of photography in Santa Barbara, California, there he also studied the Zone system under Bob Werling and Ansel Adams. Once back in Europe, he worked as professional photographer first in Geneva and then in Milan where he stayed until 2005. During his career he received many prizes, amongst which were the Epica prize (1990), the Kodak European Gold Award for Portrait Photography (1995, 1996) and the Prix Mediastar (2005). He exhibited at Diframma Gallery, Venti Correnti Gallery and Galleria 70 in Milan.

The “Still lifes” exhibition reinterprets the old theme of sill life through the photographic art, with the wish of possessing it. Extremely personal compositions, inspired by an original concept of 17th century photographs, together with examples of virtuosity such as the epics, algorithms alterations composing numeric images, and the adjustments to the pinhole process’s digital photography.

Still lifes by Dominique Lauge

May 27 – July 26 2015

Galleria 70 – 38, Corso di Porta Nuova



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