Brachetti che sorpresa! Quick-change with laser and video mapping

Located in a videogame, with the aim of finding a lost red suitcase through levels and trials. Arturo Brachetti is back in Italian theaters with his new show: “Brachetti che sorpresa!”, from July 10 to 23, at Teatro Nuovo in Milan. After the huge success of “L’uomo dai Mille Volti” and “Ciak si gira”, and “Comedy Majik Cho”, a triumph in Canada and France, the famous quick-change performer is back in Italian theaters with an unpredictable illusionist show, magic and contemporary. Brachetti is one of the most worldly cheered performers . In many country he is considered a master of thevisual performing art. He was born in Turin (13 October 1957) and started his career in Paris. Today he is the major actor/quick-change artist in the world, with an assortment of over 350 characters, among which 100 interpreted in one single evening.

He brings on stage all his repertoire: quick-change, illusionism, sand art, mime, Chinese shadow puppets, and so on. There are not definite boundaries, Brachetti’s artistic creativity is always in evolution, ready to wow the audience.The show “Brachetti che sorpresa!”, on stage in Italy since October 2014, has entertained more than 115,000 spectators. Arturo meets a group of comical characters lost in a limbo full of abandoned suitcases, which will prove to be the great videogame of life. “It’s the imagined reality the one that makes us happy”. How can you fault Brachetti, who with his show, throws us in a magic, almost enchanted dimension, where technology helps the artist to make children and adults dream. For the first time it is used the laser for narration, and the set design is realized with the innovative video mapping technique, an absolute breakthrough in an entertaining show in Italy.

The protagonist is not alone. Brachetti can count on fantastic collaborators: Luca Bono, “the child prodigy of magic”, an international young talented illusionist with the impossible in his hands; Luca&Tino, dazed artists but absolutely funny, defined by Le Figaro “the Italian Laurel and Hardy”; Francesco Scimeni, comic illusionist as genial as unpredictable; and lastly, Kevin Michael Moore, an important name who conceals the protagonist’s alter ego.  A journey into fantasy together with Brachetti and his illusionism, interpreted in contemporary key, to reveal a new world, where nothing is what it seems and anyone can give free rein to their imagination.

Brachetti che sorpresa!

Teatro Nuovo, Milan

10 July – 23 July 2015

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