Luca Pesatori : His typography travels the the world

Luca Pesatori was born in Milan in 1958 from a family with a long tradition in printing started in 1949, when his grandfather, Francesco, founded the historic Tipografia PesatoriLuca is a printer, an artisan, a child who used to play soccer between Heidelberg Stella, moveable lead types and inks. Today like in the past, his eyes still light up whenever he takes a composing stick and with extraordinary precision puts together the tiny lead characters, following a 16th century tradition. Bodoni, Baskerville, Garamond, he knows them all. The typographic machines ceaselessly work, tic-toc-tic-toc, the frames with papers rustle, producing a harmonic rhythm. Books, typographical architectures, metaphors of knowledge in the creative process of writing containing the world they originate from. Effective sounds inscribing life paths in the world they belong to. The ancient art of letterpress printing is not dead. It is alive, it breathes and pulses and Luca, with his lively enterprise, makes sure machines never stop liven up all the senses.

Tipografia Pesatori is first of all made of people. The two brother and sister, Francesca and Roberto Pesatori, carry on the family tradition together with Luca, as before them, their fathers, the brothers Giorgio and Gianfranco did. As part of the history and development of the typography are young collaborators like Marco Santagostini, or more historic like the composers Tino Frigerio and Massimo Brugnoli, the printers Valerio Vincenzi, Sabrina Spinelli, Renato Aliverti and Roberto Crippa. The history and success of Tipografia has not only been made by the family tradition. Illustrious personalities and business continue to entrust them with the printing of their exclusive materials, those requiring a particular care that only experience can give. From Rinascente to leading law firms and notaries, historic stationeries of Milan, politicians and entrepreneurs. And also celebrities, soccer players, actors, singers and musicians.Among their most requested products are wedding invitation, events invitations, business cards and printing of catalogues for individuals and business. Recently, the Tipography has decided to expand its offer including the digital architectural typography, proposing studies of the product’s image and creations of websites for individuals and business.

Luca Pesatori is a lively man, capable to attract each body and form of typography and translate them into substance. His language is materic and deeply changes the traditional conception of printing. Not only does he go back to the origins, he challenges and re-pictures them, he tears the paper and recreates it using his body and hands, in a process of knowledge that implodes on the senses, to live again through the touch of moveable lead type, the smell of inks, the sound of machines, the taste of oiled air, to create a work that elicits a smile to the sight and touch. You can find him in his shop «Tipi di Carattere» in Milan, Corso di Porta Romana 126. Inside the shop, recently opened to the public, you can see at first hand the several works realized by the Tipografia, unique stationery products, all exclusively handcrafted. Luca is always available for a chat and to entertain visitors with unexpected captivating anecdotes on the world of typography and Milanese printing.

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