S. Pellegrino Official Water Partner of Expo 2015

S. Pellegrino is Official Water Partner of Expo 2015. The Universal Exposition of Milan has successfully inaugurated its first opening weekend. For this occasion, S.Pellegrino presented a special edition bottle, ready to be distributed in 80 countries, as well as be exposed in the Italian Pavilion, where S.Pellegrino is present, also managing its water-themed Piazzetta. In this location S.Pellegrino, perfectly in line with the theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy forLife, will provide educational information and entertainment workshops focused on a healthy, sustainable, and gourmand lifestyle, supported also by the Italian culinary excellence and important chefs.

The appointment is along the Cardo, where the Italian brands of excellence are concentrated. An emotional video will tell the story of the mineral water from its origin, in Val Brembana in Bergamo, to the tables of 145 countries in the world. A story of success but most of all a story of Italian excellence, that brings the strong bond with the territory to Expo. The piazzetta will offer also workshops dedicated to children: The Healthy Hydration (from 1 to 7 June); Wet, the importance of water as natural resource for the planet and for health (form 3 to 10 August); R-generation, the separate collection of waste and recycling ( from 1 to 8 October).

A space also dedicated to Chefs cuisine. S. Pellegrino created a special format in occasion of Expo: Identità Expo S. Pellegrino Restaurant, a large area dedicated to restoration,  where more than 200 Italian and foreign chefs will devote the next six months to the cause of haute cuisine, experimentation and reflection on the food. A unique way to enhance Italian gastronomic experience, created in co-operation with famous furniture and design brands. Furthermore, Identità Expo will present every day a different an event dedicated to the food culture such as show cooking, talk shows and special initiatives. A calendar of events that make this area a very important space within Expo 2015, rewarding quality, innovation and fine dining.


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