ICAM, Italian chocolate at Expo 2015

ICAM will be one of the leading companies at the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster in EXPO 2015. The long-established company from Lecco, a worldwide ambassador for Italian excellence in the art of chocolate-making, will take visitors on a sensorial journey to the cocoa lands. The venue is a dedicated space at the Chocolate Italian Districts pavilion, set aside specially for parts of Italy that boast a high-quality chocolate-making tradition: Turin in Piedmont, Perugia in Umbria and Modica in Sicily.

Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster is an extraordinary showcase of Italian excellence, whose activities are directed by Eurochocolate. At the Chocolate Italian Districts Pavilion, ICAM will be telling the story of how the company carefully chooses its raw materials, the various different stages of production and tracking systems, right through to coming up with the recipes for its chocolates, all on special screens and using an engrossing narrative approach. The ICAM booth will also host a workstation: a “showcase to the world” that represents the excellence of its handcraft production.

A journey to discover the unique taste of chocolate. Visitors can learn about and purchase ICAM products, including the Vanini line and its premium selection of “Bagua” Amazon-grown cocoa, and sample elegant combinations of extraordinary ingredients from Italy’s many local culinary traditions. Special tasting sessions have been arranged in partnership with a number of Slow Food presidia of Vanini chocolate in combination with wines, liqueurs, beer and herb teas.

ICAM was born in Lecco in 1946, and since then the Agostoni family has committed to improve the quality of the finished product. Though it is certainly the essence of ICAM, passion is not the only element that makes the company what it is today: creativity, cutting-edge techniques and technologies and a close eye on market trends all contribute to the success reaped by the chocolate produced by the Lecco firm with consumers all over the world.


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