Ms Artrix, the Made in Italy Harley

From entrepreneur Massimo Gullone’s dream of building custom bikes, the MS Artrix studio opened in Aosta in 1995. Airbrush paint and other forms of personalization are implemented in the perfect business alchemy creation, resulting in collaboration with primary dealers, both in Italy and abroad.

The bikes are handmade combining the best of American twin engines with a Made in Italy signature, achieved in both quality and design. The Harley Davidson SPECIAL bikes are highly customizable and definitely unique pieces. From custom Harley bikes, since 2006 Ms Artrix is also a Harley Davidson SPECIAL producer.

The production is tailored to the needs of Harley-Davidson customers and aims to render every inch of the bikes customizable and therefore, unique.  The airbrush to paint the pieces is in the capable hands of designer Salvatore Cosentino.  “ We can create a bike from start to finish,“ says Massimo Gullone, further explaining “Like a tailored suit, we take  the customer’s measurements to develop handcrafted chassis and riding frames.“ The question is, how long it takes to design – and build – a Harley Special bike?   “A lot depends on client’s needs and requests,” Gullone explain. “ Usually, it takes from  3 – up to 6 months – for a unique custom project, divided in frame construction, custom painting, etc. ”

Exclusivity, also recognizable by “ the limited edition yearly pieces, which are never more than ten”, is definitely a choice for the brand’s customers. The last novelty – showcased at Verona Motor Bike Expo – is an actual women bike, the first Ms Artrix bike racing with pink “Sportster” engine.   It is tailored for female customers,  because “the engine weight 60 kilograms less, when compared to traditional models”, informs Gullone. This should allow for greater manoeuvrability.

The artisanal bike’s projects are also very appreciated among television personalities, Italian fashion entrepreneurs and football players. In 2013,  Massimo Gullone was awarded the title of “MASTER BIKE BUILDER level 2”, or the highest degree in the world: a title held by a total of 26 people – worldwide.

What is the secret behind Ms Artrix’ s success?  Massimo Gullone answer is prompt: “Style is the fashionable element.  But our customers are aware that the design is based on high-quality tech that is, in part, futuristic “. It is a real stylistic choice that is easy to recognize, within both the elements and craftsmanship expertise.

What is next in line? “ We would like to go to the Dubai custom show next March and are working hard in that direction.”  Possibly riding a Harley Davidson Special.

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