Teuco, Italian design bathroom furnishings

Probably the quietest hydromassage worldwide, Hydrosilence by Teuco does not emit vibrations sound like most spas do, thanks to its high-tech system.  If silence is not what you are looking for, here comes the ultrasound choice, with the Hydrosonic model, while Hydroline is the first invisible hydro massage tub, worldwide.  

Clearly the bathroom is not just a close, hidden room anymore, but rather a living space that adds value to a residence.  Teuco “total look “ concept can help in achieving the ideal with exclusive collections, all designed by internationally renowned designers. Teuco brand is the embodiment of the made in Italy style.  Started in 1972  with Virgilio Guzzini, the original production was built in acrylic, a real innovation for the sector at the time.  It was a sudden success that quickly ranked the brand in a steady, leading position, for its continuous production of an innovative solution for the bathroom, particularly whirlpools.  The brand’s evolution and innovation values are intrinsically connected to its high-end design standards.

Rigorously “Made in Italy” certified, all Teuco’s products testify for the brand’s stylistic research enthusiasm, a philosophy that won multiple awards, most recently the Design Plus Award in 2015 and MIAW Muuuz International Award – in 2014.  Trendsetter for industry, Teuco owns 60 International filed patents.  

If acrylic revolutionized the sector 40 years ago, today Teuco’s patented Duralight invention is the top of the line, as an acrylic-based composite material with an exceptional quality of 100 percent pliability, which grants the most freedom in creation. Duralight performs in the last Teuco Limited Edition collection, Accademia.

Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Accademia Gessato bathtub brings to mind the distinctive traits of a tailored pinstripe suit.  The concept is reinforced by Duralight tailor – made like qualities in personalization.  Like in a real, 100 percent Made in Italy high couture suit.  



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