Emanuele Bicocchi, jewels with character and personality

Jewels are not only for women. Emanuele Bicocchi’s creation are thought for man, designed to be a daily accessory to convey character and personality. Bicocchi brand celebrates Made in Italy with an history of success based on solid family relationships. Emanuele runs the business together with a selected group of collaborators, including his wife Giulia Diamanti and his company’s partner and designer Gino Diamanti.

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection drew inspiration from the 80s British Punk band, The Clash. The highlight of the collection is the armadillo, also protagonist of the famous video “Rock the Casbah”, entirely handmade in burnished silver with studs and chains on its armor. Punk references throughout all collection: the bracelets and belts are decorated in hand-applied silver and gold studs of various shapes and sizes. Also introduced this season were cross pendants and skull bracelets many of which set in gold, the new entry of the collection, with small black diamonds. The collection is a perfect combination between jewelry and art, with unique design creations that are real brand’s icons.

In few years the brand stood out in the Italian and international market for its creativity and entrepreneurship. Elegance and manual skill are the keys of success of the best tradition of Italian goldsmith. Emanuele Bicocchi was born in Florence in 1983. His passion for goldsmith starts in his parents’ workshop. At the age of 18, he starts cooperating with important fashion companies. At 23, Emanuele creates his first jewelry collection, which received enthusiastic welcome from experts. The brand’s success arrives thanks to the support of his wife Giulia, and his father-in-law, the artist and designer Gino Diamanti. Today Emanuele Bicocchi’s jewels adorn celebrities like Francesco Renga, Laura Pausini, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Cristian Marchi, just to name a few.


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