Savelli Geneve, a smartphone called jewel

Ruby is one of the most precious gemstone on Earth, symbol of power and wealth. Savelli, the revolutionary Maison that connects high jewelry with technology and craftsmanship, chose the ruby to turn its smartphones into luxurious pieces of jewelry. Savelli Ruby Limited Edition is the perfect example of the Swiss brand’s know-how and craftsmanship of excellence, able to transform what is considered just a useful communication device, into an extra-luxury item.

Passion, dedication and extreme attention to details. Every Savelli is created by hand: all the smartphones, created especially for women, are powered by Google Android. But there is much more than technology only. For this year’s collection the company teamed up with colored-gemstone provider Gemfields, which selected the best Mozambiquan rubies. The exceptionally pure brilliant-cut rubies vary their color from a slightly purplish red to a vivid red color.

The Ruby Limited Edition released two devices: the Savelli Ruby Mystery and Ruby Passion. The first includes 395 brilliant-cut rubies with a “snow setting” technology on the 18-carat white gold case heart. Different diameters rubies, set side by side, to highlight the Smartphone’ lines. “Total black” details case, made from black alligator rubberized leather as well as high-tech black ceramic. The Ruby Mystery series is limited to 20 exclusive units.

Second on the lineup we have the Savelli Ruby Passion, the first device made by the smartphone manufacturer in yellow gold, limited to only eight editions. The top includes 395 brilliant-cut rubies and an 18-carat yellow gold ribbon and case with an additional 144 brilliant-cut diamonds, along with red alligator leather. The diamonds are inlaid to appear as though they are shimmering drops of rain using the “rain setting” technique. Both are totally assembled by hand.

Savelli is a Geneva-based Smartphone manufacturer, imagined by the Italian Alessandro Savelli. The price of these Smartphone is relative compared to the unique value they represent. It starts from 7,000 Euros, but the most precious model is priced over 100,000 Euros, so becoming the most expensive on the market.

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