La Venaria Reale an Italian treasure

The monumental palace boasts some of the finest examples of universal Baroque:La Venaria Reale is a grandiose architectural masterpiece just outside Turin, with centuries of history. Seen from above, it is even more beautiful. With its Gardens, it covers an area of 950,000 square meters of unencumbered architecture and parkland, including the grandiose complex of the Juvarra Stables and the Rooms of the Arts,surrounded by the woods and the castles that dot the 6,500 hectares of greenery in the nearby Park of La Mandria.

La Venaria Reale is not a “museum”, but rather a “contemporary Palace”: its vast spaces provide wonderful opportunities to relax and celebrate the joy of living by bringing together culture and entertainment for all tastes. Almost every day La Venaria is home to concerts, performances, live shows and cultural events that attract a vast and varied public to this outstanding site. The Venaria Reale estate is managed by Consorzio di Valorizzazione Culturale “La Venaria Reale”, a Consortium made up of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage, Regione Piemonte, the Venaria Reale Town Council, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura. Once home of the Savoia family, the monumental estate features 200,000 square meters of stucco and plaster work; 15,000 meters of decorative frames; 100 water jets shooting up to 12 meters in height in the Water Theater at the Fountain of the Stag and 60 hectares of restored gardens.

ThThe Gardensappear today as a perfectly balanced combination of ancient and modern elements. It is easy to be abandoned in the beauty of the 17th century grottoes, the ruins of the Fountain of Hercules and the Temple of Diana. Impossible not to be captivated by the Flower Garden and the Rose Garden, the delightful Fantacasino, and the Italy’s largest Potager Royal. At the turn of the century this80-hectare areawas badly damaged, but a complex restoration project has led to the reconstruction of the landscape and its historical landmarkswith an eye towards modern aesthetics and contemporary needs: more than 148,000 new plants are now in place, next to important art works by the contemporary masters Giuseppe Penoneand Giovanni Anselmo.

An Italian treasure where visitors can admire the perfect balance of forms and experience the magnificent architectonic impact, remained unchanged over the centuries. La Venaria Reale was constructed in the mid-1600s by Duke Carlo Emanuele II of Savoy. Among the architects contributing to the building of this artistic treasure there is Filippo Juvarra – with the solemn Great Gallery and the Church of St. Hubert – who also designed the Stupitingi Hunting Lodge. La Venaria Reale is a place of timeless luxury: Expo 2015 could be the perfect occasion to unveil this treasure to the rest of the world.

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