Flexform timeless elegance

Flexform’s design at the Design Week 2015 has indeed been noticed, if not just for the stand designed by architect Antonio Citterio. The international aspect of the fair more than ever enhanced the central value of the Brianza brand: the Made in Italy. Every piece is totally produced in Italy. Italian style is renowned for lifestyle, competence and intellectual honesty. In a word: excellence. Beauty creates beauty, like in all Flexform collections, where the beauty lasts over time and never tires out.

The mainstay of the new collections is elegance, as long as it is sober and able to gently embrace forms and materials, soft to touch and sight. Good taste and good manners, especially in the expert craftsmanship of the products’ packaging. The new collection is measured, quiet and calm with rare accents of color, featuring an harmonious color palette where white, ivory,   mélange sand, shades of gray, light woods, glazed metals and brown leathers prevail.

Lario, designed by Antonio Citterio, is a fresh, modern and versatile sofa. Sectional or linear, it is an elegant solution that requires no pulleys or levers.  The seat can be moved to two relaxing depth positions by simply leaning back. Big Bob, always by Citterio, is a soft sofa destined to become a great classic. Its unmistakable characteristic is the large padded armrest covered in hide leather. Zeus is a precious piece suitable for public space, Vip lounge, hotels’ lobby. A unique piece with a strong character also perfect for private space.

The latest innovations are the armchairs: Crono, Agave, Mondo and the upholstered armchair Luce, to expand the range of seatings in combination with sofas. The bench Helen and Tindari and Giano tables complete the collection, together with the Soffio series which includes dining table, console and coffee table, with elegant metal leg and marble top. 


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