Even the pickiest of the gourmet food connoisseurs in Milan would never miss out on the chance to taste the creative genius that is Viviana Varese’s cooking. The enjoyment of dining, lunch or dinner, at her restaurant, Alice, is an experience you will never want to end. It will be sure to keep you coming back for more! Located on the top floor of Eataly Milan, set in the historic, gorgeous Smeraldo Theatre. Alice is a place that not only caters to your palate but also to your soul. With window seats facing the ancient Piazza XXV Aprile, it would be hard for this not to be a relaxing and breath taking dining experience. Not sure what to order? Sandra Ciciriello, Alice’s maitre/sommelier, would be happy to give you her infallible suggestions on the foods that are served and treat you well with her unbelievable selection of fine wines. With an eco-chic vibe and a warm and friendly atmosphere, this is the perfect setting for business guests, celebrations, and romantic dining experiences. The fish will have your taste buds dancing and the meat that is served is always remarkable in flavor and quality. Looking for “gluten free” options, don’t hesitate to book your reservation, as there are many unique “gluten free” options on the menu. Viviana Varese is a top chef and serves nothing but top quality dishes. Everything is beyond perfection, from appetizers to desserts. Start off with select raw oysters and sea truffles or perhaps Sicilian prawns. An experience not to forget. Easier said than done with such delectable appetizer and dinner choices, but do not forget to leave some room for one of her succulent desserts. Plated beautifully, you may think twice about ruining such a tasteful work of art. If top quality food, an amazing historical setting, and the best wine selection you could ask for is not enough, then there is always the social table seating reservation. Once per month, Alice presents to you an original, convivial means of sharing gourmet dining. Featuring a VIP testimonial dining with guests. A surprise, tasting menu of eight courses, paired off with wines, all for €120, with part of the proceeds being donated to charity. If you are not convinced that this is the place to be, these numbers are sure to re-assure you. Viviana Varese’s Alice has earned 3 forks and 1 Michelin Guide star! 

Here’s something to tease your appetite:

PASSION: oysters, sea truffle and razor clams with green apple, sour cream and iced passion fruit with a cucumber shake

WHITE & BLACK: fish ravioli with vegetables, quinoa with cuttlefish ink and broth

SUPER: super spaghetti with smoked sauce, julienned squid, clams, bagel crumbs and lemon

ROSE & RASPBERRY: doubly cooked duck fat liver, veal cutlet and whipped cream, crystallized rose petals and raspberry sauce

 PUFF PASTRY (but not the usual type!): reversed leaf with Rosemary jelly, pineapple and gin sorbet, cream caramel

Just when you think dinner is over… Sandra comes aroundwith another unexpected tasting session 


Alice Ristorante c/o Eataly Milan (former Smeraldo Theatre)

Piazza 25 Aprile, 10 20121 Milan

Opening hours:

12.30 > 14.00 – 19.30 > 22.00



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