Casillo, Italian cuisine at Expo 2015

About 35 show coking with great chefs to rediscover Italian cuisine. Casillo Group, leading Italian company in the groats, flour, edible flours and baked products field, is organizing, at Expo 2015, a series of events “A fuoco lento”, included in the “Nel nome del padre, storie di grano e terra” project, created by photographer, writer and director Carlos Solito, who attends Expo 2015 with Casillo Group to tell his story and work.

It is the perfect occasion to meet the most loved faces of Italian cuisine, who will prepare healthy traditional recipes using Casillo and Agricola del Sole products. Starred chef Felice Lo Basso will be the first with a show cooking to delight both the public and the critics, on Friday May 15 at 10 am. His refined style is based on quality and respect of local ingredients, always playing with creativity and innovation although far from any fashion influence: today he is one of the most appreciated in the sector. 

The calendar is full of not-to-be-missed events. Tuesday 26 at 10 am, Daiana Cecconi, ex MasterChef competitor, will be the chef in charge. She grew up together with her Grandmothers, who transmitted the passion for cooking; her cuisine expresses her cooking expertise combining Tuscan tradition and creativity. After Daiana, many great chefs will take the stage such as Pietro Zito, Antonella Ricci and Vinod Sookar, the pizza makers Michele Aucelli and Carlo Stolfa, and the bloggers Claudio and Eva.

“Nel nome del padre, storie di grano” includes a series of events like workshops, meetings with experts, show cooking, art, entertainment and informative moments. 90 appointments to celebrate the Made in Italy, exemplified by Casillo family. The company, from Corato (Bari), bases its philosophy on values and principles handed down from father to son, and focuses on the quality and safety of product and the total customer satisfaction. An Italian excellence present at the Grain and Tubers Pavilion in Milan’s Expo 2015, from May to October.


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