Chantecler Valentine’s day ideal gift

In the instant messaging era of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  be different  and choose the stamps! Not a simple stamp but  the precious  one of the Love Letters collection by Chantecler, in rose gold with a diamond or in silver with two red glazed heart.  A couple of stamps with a chain, this is the perfect gift to declare or confirm your love for Valentine’s Day.

Innovation and the timeless elegance of Capri Dolce Vita, this is what make Love Letters pendants so unique. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship and the unmistakable style of the Maison, founded by  Pietro Capuano (called Chantecler), together in these fabulous creations  made to adorn the most beautiful women of the international jet-set scenario. Start by loving Love Letters and continue adoring all the collection pieces by visiting Chantecler.it



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