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Maserati by Zanotta Capsule Collection, creative synergy

Three exclusive design items for a unique collection, the Maserati by Zanotta Capsule collection. The pouf for the Grandtour Lounge Chair, the Corina chair and the Maestrale table are the three new pieces of household furniture born from Maserati and Zanotta co-branding and feature the prestigious signature of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba The designers have developed a new sequence of exclusive items motivated by the design of the iconic Maserati cars, conceiving them as autonomous pieces and, at the same time, an extension to and completion of the Grandtour chair, with which they share aesthetics and contemporary spirit. The foot rest of the Lounge Chair has a chromed or a nickel-plated glossy black end steel foundation, aframework of rigid polyurethane, upholstered with polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont.The quilted removable cover is available in three distinct color variations: darkish gray, mild gray and mud-color. The precious  Corina chair ischaracterized by the layout of the gentle design framework that joins the steel legs, in chrome or nickel-plated shiny black end, and completed by the rigid polyurethane shell that allows for light, cozy seating. The Maestrale desk has thoroughly clean, linear volume created by a thick, flat walnut core, which rests on a steel rod frame. Exclusivity, class and innovation are the values on which Zanotta and Maserati have developed their historical past of excellence, and at the same time depict the common ground on which the two manufacturers arrived together to develop this shared taskNot the finish line but the starting point for long term collaborations, in the sign of excellence



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