Nathalie Jean new high jewelry boutique in Milan

Donna Karan’s flagship store in New York, Ronce Noire Gallery in Paris, the world most exclusive boutiques, from Australia to Japan, are not enough for the Canadian architect (but Italian in her heart after 20 years living in this country) Nathalie Jean. To present her unique and exclusive jewelry creations she needed the perfect location, filled with culture, history and excellence at  all levels. This treasure chest is in Via Solferino 48, the ”front parlour” of Milan, also residence of the famous newspaper ‘ Il Corriere della Sera’ for over a century, and today home for Nathalie Jean precious Boutique. The interior design, cretaed in its smallest details by herself, andthe custom display systems, adapted to the themes of her precious collections, immediately communicate the excellence of her creations, from the big, complex and sophisticated pieces in silver, to the complex design of the white, yellow and rose gold creations, with small groups of diamonds. Necklaces  as circuit boards, mobile rings, linear and delicate sculptures,  unique collection pieces even in their names: Saphir, Informe, Mercure, Microcosmos, Suite Birmane, Babel, Circuit, Hoya Carnosa, Jungle Mini.  Inspiration comes from nature, from travels or the novels she reads, and from ordinary scenes or the most unexpected objects, first becoming sketches and later precious realities. “The pieces, all hand made in our shop, are either one-piece, limited edition, or very small productions, dedicated to make my clients feeling special by wearing each a different jewel” .Nathalie welcomes her clients only in the afternoons, from Tuesday to Saturday, however for very special clients (MFM readers included) is possible to make an appointment calling +3902 6208 6089 or +39335 6089602.  But if can’t resist shop online on www.nathaliejean.com, because some kind of desires can’t wait!

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