Gedebe It’s time to sparkle!

Gedebe brand was born in 2010 from talented 28 years old founder Giuseppe Della Badia, a neapolitan designer with a vibrant passion and expertise in both artisanship and fashion couture. The initial idea combined leather and skins with crystals and stones to create high couture accessories. In time, the original production developed into the current – in high demand – multiple products collections: Gedebe now offers unique, sophisticated shoes and handbags that takes the stage for the elegant and unusual marriage between jewelry decorations and leathers of all kind and shape.

The Gedebe “recipe” is a mix of essential feminine grace and vanguard that centers on traditional Made In Italy craftsmanship. Designed to exalt the feminine in every way, each pump or stiletto speaks of high quality manufacture with a signature of character for every step, while the chosen material prints and colors clearly shows meticulous hand work in the perfect matching decoration. Della Badia design idea for the more minimalist flats and ballerinas follows the same principles with evident concentration on quality. Achieved with the use of different skins and leathers, intriguing textures and constant color mix changes for each season are among the brand leitmotif. Iconic for Gedebe‘s fashion style are also the perfect jewel decoration choice for each shoe, which brings to light the fashion design concepts. The idea is rendered with a precision work in details and quality of chosen materials, which immediately arose international focus on the brand.

Gedebe‘s current season collection offers a spark of light everywhere for the classic – updated – handbags and décolletés, granting a shining, sweet “big night” effect ! Gedebe articles will soon be available in China: renewed Luxury Brand distributor Massimo Bonini, a name for spotting the next big thing in shoes, will expose Della Badia shoes and handbags in his -newly opened- boutique in Shanghai. Another dynamic footprint of success down the dazzling road of this young – and brilliant – Italian designer.  


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