Carlo Cracco, creative cuisine of excellence

From the kitchen of Gualtiero Marchesi to Mastercherf. Carlo Cracco began his career in 1986, in the first Italian restaurant to be awarded 3 Michelin stars. He spent three years in France, where he had the opportunity to learn the secrets of French gastronomy with  Alain Ducasse and Lucas Carton. He returned to Italy and in few years became one of the most famous chef in the world. Today, his restaurant at 4, Victor Hugo street,  Milan, is a top spot for the lovers of haute cuisine. “We are artisans of taste, always creating new ideas out of experiments, researches and attempts in the kitchen, to achieve what we consider Perfection”, cooking is like art, this is what Cracco thinks: “We get inspired by scents, colors, experiences, travels; always absorbing and processing new inputs according to our mind and taste, isn’t that art?”. This is the key concept of his restaurant in Milan, born in 2007. Two dining rooms, 60 seats, an elegant and modern atmosphere, it’s where Carlo Cracco creates his innovative cuisine. The kitchen, directed by chef Matteo Baronetto, combines Milan tradition with a modern touch, creating unique new tastes. The exclusive location – awarded 2 Michelin stars – offers a wine cellar of 2000 labels: the result of an accurate selection from all the best wines in the market. But this is not enough. Since March 2014, Carlo Cracco has been involved in  La Segheria di Carlo e Camilla” project, a multipurpose area that can be used as a restaurant and event venue in an old sawmill, which retains its original state: walls, floor and tools. An hymn to the original and creative cuisine that made Cracco one of the most famous chef in Italy.



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