Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio and Coupe arrival

Exposed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last January, the 911 Turbo e Turbo S from Porsche are the first two brand new cars  for this year.   The iconic top model of the German brand promise 20 horsepower more than before among with a sharper design and enhanced features.  The new Cabrio and Coupe are available on the Italian market since January 2016.  Compared to the new 911, also showed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, the new sport version has a turbocharged flat-six engine with a six cylinder of 3,8 liters capacity performing either 540 or 580 horsepower – for the S model only.

The engines now also have a dynamic boost function, which improves throttle response when fast- driving.  It maintains the boost pressure and it is achieved by interrupting fuel injection, while the throttle valve remains partially open.  In practical terms, there are no delays in acceleration response from the engine, well evident feature in both the new Sports.

In spite of this increased performance, the car will cover 100 Kilometers using 0,6 liter less fuel than previous versions.  In plain numbers, the Coupe will perform 100 Km with 9,1 liters while the Cabrio will need  9,3 liters to cover same distance.  A standard feature on all Turbo models: Sport Chrono Package with mode switch and Sport Response button. This includes the new GT sport steering wheel equipped with a mode switch to select one of the four drivetrain modes Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, or Individual.  The Individual setting lets the driver configure and store her or his preferred vehicle setup. The new generation of 911 Turbo adopts significant design characteristics of the current Carrera models, with a sporty twist for the Turbo version.

The redesigned front end has side air blades and narrow LED front lights.  The rear lights are familiar from the 911 Carrera series with three-dimensional effect.  Small changes also for the rear decklid grill, now divided in three parts.  Last generation connectivity tech on board is granted by Porsche Communication Management, also standard.  This system features a high-quality glass surface integrated into the center console and performs extended connectivity functions with real time traffic information. Routes and destinations can be visualized on satellite maps, while selected vehicle functions such as electric mirrors interactions and acoustic alerts  to find the car in a parking lot can now be controlled remotely like in the 911 Carrera.

Prices in euros range between 180.394 for the 911 Turbo up to 222.728 for the Turbo S Cabriolet, almost 100 thousand more than the 911 Carrera S Cabriolet.


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