Emilio Pucci Cities of The World

Since their launch last year, Emilio Pucci’s Cities of the World scarves have instantly allured fans with their vibrant, eye-catching designs and timeless appeal. Now the project gains momentum with its expansion to three new corners of the globe: Milan, London and TokyoRealized as modern day postcards and special celebration to the cities of the world, each silk scarf features exclusive Pucci prints and are one-of-a-kind fashion accessories to wear and collect.  After the launch of Florence, Rome, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2014, each of the new cities represents an important key-city forEmilio Pucci’s world. The scarf dedicated to Milan – the city where the fashion house has recently opened a new boutique – celebrates its peculiarities. The stylized representation of the city depicts two of the most famous architectural highlights: the Duomo façade dating back to the 16th century and the magnificent glass cupola of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, dating back to the 19th century. The central design is framed with a floral motif and background reminding the Duomo’s inlaid marble floor ornaments. The scarf is available in white and black with acid green and olive green nuances, giving a lively and sophisticated touch.

The scarf dedicated to London conveys the vibrant atmosphere of the English city, ironically represented by a patchwork of symbolic images like the taxi, telephone box, pub; in the background the quintessential symbols of the capital like the London Eye and Gherkin. The edges are richly decorated with designs inspired to the Crown jewels. The main color is orange with light blue, musk-green and grass-green accents. The scarf dedicated to Tokyo is rich of graphic motifs to identify the city and Japan, combining the splendid natural elements and the high technology, characteristics of the country’s culture. The Mount Fuji appears on the background, seen through an origami of flying butterflies and birds as in a traditional Japanese garden, between a maze of ribbons reminding the electric wires of Tokyo. The frame of the composition is adorned by an explosion of flowers, the city’s skyline and the iconic small umbrellas. The color palette blends from purple to pink with touches of blue lapis lazuli and tangerine orange.

The project has its roots in Pucci’s iconic Battistero scarf, the original love letter to Florence that the Marquise Emilio Pucci penned in 1957. The Battistero, is one of the most loved print of the Cities of the World series. The illustrated print depicts Florence’s Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore, shot with flashes of vibrant lemon yellow, tangerine orange, “Emilio” pink and deep fuchsia. Crafted from fine silk twill and printed in Como’s celebrated silk district, the scarves faithfully adhere to the brand’s noble artisan tradition. The impeccable quality is underscored with hemming and finishing all done by hand. Packaged in striking color-contrasting gift boxes, These one-of-a-kind scarves are destined to become also collectible souvenirs to treasure and keep.

Available from May 18th in Emilio Pucci’s worldwide boutiques or on the online flagship store emiliopucci.com.


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