Rubinacci new opening in Milan

Thanks to Rubinacci’s family Neapolitan tailoring is synonymous with flair, lightness and elegance. Although the choice  has always been  soft and natural cuts and lines – right the opposite of Savile Row’saplomb stiff – the beginning of their sartorial work was totally inspired by the English style and trends. In 1932 Gennaro Rubinacci, famous in Naples’ high society as undisputed arbiter elegantarum, opened a store in downtown Naples: London House, at 26 Filangieri Street. Gennaro was descendant of a family  who, in the first half of the eighteen hundreds, started trading silk with the East and was considered symbol of distinctive style and elegance. London House atelier, became an exclusive tailor’s workshop for many famous characters like Prince Umberto of Savoy, who, in 1941, allowed his coat of arms to be displayed on the store’s sign, or Curzio Malaparte and Vittorio De Sica. In 1963 London House under the management of Mariano, Gennaro’s son, became Rubinacci atelier and since then he has been keeping his family heritage alive, with exclusive creations known in the world as symbol of style, innovation and refined attention to details. Today Rubinacci has two great sartorial lines the one of Mariano and, since 2000, the innovative irreverent yet polished approach to clothes of his son Luca. They both perfectly embody the spirit of true master craftsmen, with the usual love for silks and colors in ties, scarves and foulards as well as lining –  and a natural elegance. Rubinacci bespoke suits, created within 54 hours of expert craftsmanship, are internationally known for their unique characteristics: the shape is light, with soft shoulders, hand-made elements, care for even the slightest detail and the use of vintage fabrics, from their historical refined archive. The perfect imperfection of craftsmanship makes their suits  unique pieces. Only few sartorial salons  in Naples, London and Milan, where Rubinacci opened the first store in Montenapoleone street in 1974, and today is expanding with a new one at 1, Gesù Street. The opening of the new space in Milan is a milestone for Rubinacci’ family. The boutique is more than just a store, it will host a gentleman’s club, with fireplace and wooden chairs. The Milan flagship store With prêt-à-porter collections, bespoke tailoring and a dedicated space to the workshops. The venue is finely designed to create a constant dialogue between tradition and innovation. Guests are welcomed by a mirrored wall with a video screen, yellow and black Venetian-style ceilings and silk curtains.



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