Italy meets Japan at the Asola’s kitchen

Italian haute cuisine meets the unique flavors of Japan in a new food experience. In the heart of Milan, at the spectacular rooftop restaurant of the The Brian&Barry Building San Babila – on the ninth floor, via Durini 28 – four of the best world’s chefs will conjure an eight hands dinner-event at the Asola RestaurantThe resident Chef Matteo Torretta hosts three Japanese chefs: Mamoru Kataoka, famous for his “works of art dishes”; Yoshimi Hidaka, who boasts collaborations with the best restaurants of excellence like Enoteca Pinchiorri, Gualtiero Marchesi and Dal Pescatore; Daisuke Yamane, awarded as the best Italian cuisine chef in Japan by Gambero Rosso in 2002. In July 9, the event will be a unique occasion to see the four masters chef together at work in Asola’s open kitchen. 

It is not coincidence that Italian and Japanese’s haute cuisine have been chosen for such an exclusive event: the two countries have select ingredients of the highest quality, ideal for delicious flavors’ combinations, and both are committed in a constant search of balance.  The exclusive event precedes and highlights the Japan Day on 11July at Expo. In that occasion Asola will serve the “Shoku no Wa”, a delicious 10-course gourmet menu. From the combination of Italian and Japanese ingredients have been created Orecchiette pasta with Kobe Beef and peas by chef Yamane, Casareccia with Nori seaweeds and sea urchin cream with Yuzu Kosho by chef Hidaka. Chef Kataoka created fried Kamaboko with wasabi, and Italian Gelato with cookies, candy lemon and Kinako by chef Torretta.

All courses are accompanied by a strict selection of the best types of sake. For instance, the sparkling Puchi Puchi Suehiro is ideal with starters, the yamadanishiki junmai daiginjo Shinsei Hyouonkakoi is perfect with Matteo Torretta’s gelato. Enjoying the Shoku no Wa menu becomes a way to inaugurate what will be the new summer trend in Milan, an original food experience that will get your mouth watering. Friday July 10, the menu will be presented at Asola together with the traditional a la carte, for lunch and dinner.



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