Vhernier presents the new 2015 collection

Vhernier 2015 collection tells the story of a journey between the Middle and the Far East. Ancestral visions, mystical tales and age-old traditions are given a new and contemporary look. Paying homage to the ancient art of origami is the Plissé line: an anthem to lightweight shapes, a Vhernier evolution that explores a new language. The surface of the jewelry is composed of numerous reflecting facets which, in their turn, reflect the light to create shifting refractions that bestow extraordinary luminosity on rings, bracelets and earrings. The line is available in white, rose or white gold edged with diamonds polished to a mirror finish – a Vhernier classic – or in brushed gold, a new finish that is perfect for these shapes that blend harmoniously with the wearer’s skin. Balance and plays of light and shade for Eclisse rings, the extension of the homonymous line of bracelets and earrings that have become brand icons over the years.

Different volumes and opposing surfaces measure the asymmetry created by combining ingenious design and artisan expertise. The enveloping gracefulness of the rose gold is separated to create two mirror images revealing the gemstones: Lapis lazuli, jade and white diamonds, or white mother-of-pearl with grey mother-of-pearl as well as white diamonds and black diamonds. The Aladino line is pure magic: rings that represent the superb transparency technique – a Vhernier classic that encapsulates the perfection of shape and the magic of transparency. Smooth curves for rings with soft, geometric sophistication: A rose gold mount set with rock crystals like liquid matter that blends with slim layers of lapis lazuli, white mother-of-pearl from Australia or grey mother-of-pearl from Tahiti.

The amusing style of Cuscino rings: generous rose gold mounts that recapture the shapes of Vhernier’s Flowers – the rings created around large gemstones. In this case the standouts are colorful, cushion cut citrus quartz, purple amethyst and blue topaz, by far the most fascinating cut that enhances the natural brilliance of the stones. The 2015 Vhernier collection also leaves room for the evolution of the Freccia line, which just recently marked the brand’s 30th anniversary. A close succession of sinuous triangles in rose gold, lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise, mother-of-pearl or cornelian in the shape of rings, earrings, bracelets and, for the first time, chokers to captivate the attention of a younger audience.Lastly, Abbraccio earrings are a soft knot in rose gold or white gold, full pavé white diamonds or white and black diamonds: an expression of Vhernier excellence and the ability of its artisans who select only diamonds of outstanding quality and set them very close together to create a dazzling carpet that is as soft as velvet.


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