Louis Vuitton Exhibition Series 2

The revolutionary Exhibition Series 2 arrives in Rome, in 2015. A modern and unexpected reinterpretation of a fashion show, Exhibition Series 2 is an invitation to discover the many inspirations of Nicolas Ghesquière for his third fashion show as Louis Vuitton Womenswear Artistic Director. The exhibition is designed as a journey into the mind of the French designer and provides visitors with a glimpse into the way Ghesquière approaches and reinterprets the stylistic codes of the fashion house. The show also explores how Ghesquière’s vision inspires the new creations and shapes Louis Vuitton Maison’s creative future. A trip through different stylistic themes and universes, housed inside Palazzo Ruspoli at 418, via del Corso, Rome, from May 22 to June 7 2015.

Abstract title- The LV logo was in origin the symbol used by Louis Vuitton, the Maison’s founder, who started his activity as trunks producer in 1854. The symbol LV in a circle was officially patented in 1908 by the nephew Gaston. Louis Vuitton and his logo appeared as precious signature on many trunks and suitcases’ padlocks and metal fasteners. When Nicolas Ghesquière landed to Louis Vuitton, he plunged into the multifaceted history of the Maison and was immediately attracted by this classic LV steamer trunk. Ghesquière “plucked” this detail from the archive and incorporated into his spring/summer 2015 accessories collection. Looming on seemingly infinite giant neon, the circle LV symbolizes how a centenary logo can live through the years and also be projected towards the future.

Talking Faces- This part of the exhibition replicates the atmosphere of Nicolas Ghesquière Spring/Summer 2015 show space, just as it was on the runaway show, the long-awaited one who took place at Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, the 1st October 2014, few days before the official opening.

Magic Trunk- In this room, Louis Vuitton is represented by a trunk, the absolute symbol of the Maison’ s journey from past to present. The trunk represents a tribute to the genius Louis, who first translated a real “travelling spirit” into his legendary creations of trunks and travelling accessories.

Once opened, the trunk reveals the Louis Vuitton Maison origins and the way its history developed. Depository of design stories and past and present treasures, this magic trunk tells the Maison’s history through holograms.

Infinite show- It is a screening room where visitors can totally immerse themselves into Nicolas Ghesquière Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show presentation. A continuous projection of the 48 silhouettes where discovering styles, models, colors and details of the collection.

Backstage- 48 models. 25 make-up artists directed by Pat McGrath. 25 hairdressers directed by Paul Hanlon. 40 studio stuff members. One designer: Nicolas Ghesquière. Jean Campbell opens the runway with a white lace dress in embroidered vinyl. The pre-show atmosphere is intense, the setting is elegant and energetic, realized by Jean-Paul Goude, a homage to the feverish moments before the lights turn on the catwalk. The iconic French photographer created this panoramic fresco as a tribute to the fashion creative verve.

Savoir-faire- Discovering an iconic creation in real time. A visit in the heart of savoir-faire and know-how, revealing the secrets of craftsmanship: only hands can create exceptional products. Inside the Maison’s laboratories, following passion is the only guiding principle. How is a shoe or an iconic bag made? More than 100 steps are necessary to create a single “Petite- Malle”, a precious object that demands special attention, as well as Louis Vuitton shoes, hand woven by skilled craftsmen of Riviera del Brenta, Louis Vuitton Atelier in Fiesso d’Artico. Louis Vuitton Maison takes all the time that is necessary to create its luxury products, only time can reveal the real story of the product.

Accessories Gallery- The gallery presents Marte Mei van Haaster’s 3-D printed avatar with the spring/summer 2015 accessories. Together with the new accessories, pieces from Louis Vuitton archives like the trunk/shoe rack belonged to the famous actress Greta Garbo.

Poster Room – A room covered, floor to ceiling, in photographs by Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller  and Bruce Weber, the “SERIES 2” ad campaign for spring/summer 2015 develops the idea of a confrontation of different linguistic codes from the three artists. This polymorphic triptych shows an international  vision of fashion through the locations chosen and their different interpretations of Ghesquière spring/summer 2015 collection. The Poster Room also shows fashion stories created by Patrick Demarchelier and Juergen Teller.

STICKERS CORRIDOR- The season’s prints designs are protagonists: funny shots on the consumption culture, influenced by pop-art. Thirteen stickers in total, giving life to a personalized graphic story.



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