Boutique & Design Hotel Imperial Art

Built in 1899 as a food-and-wine specialty shop, the sober liberty-style building later became the Headquarters of Westminster Cafe, in Viennese style, and the city’s “parlour.” In 1971 it was radically transformed into a trendy place of the 1970s, which, responded to the aesthetic demands of those times, though conserving all its original charm. In the autumn of 2009 Alfred Strohmer, son of the Meran hoteliers, conceived the idea of creating something special for the city of Meran. Thanks to a close collaboration with the nearby contemporary art gallery, Merano Arte, and with its directress, Herta Wolf Torggler, he managed to entrust the construction of the project to three Meranese artists:  Elisabeth Hölzl, Ulrich Egger and Marcello Jori, who made a work of art of the building. Even the choice of the architect, Harald Stuppner, was decisive in determining the project’s success. The hotel was thus renovated, and inaugurated on 27 June 2010. MFM is offering an autumn weekend, to take the occasion to follow the  31 artists who will participate this year in the “Meran 2014 Christmas Tree Collection.“  Among the renowned names linked to the world of fashion and design: Fiorucci, Thun, Swarovski and Missoni,  who will exhibit their Christmas Trees in the loveliest spots of Meran, thus contributing to the Christmas atmosphere which will pervade the city also thanks to the many traditional Christmas open markets. The project targets to uphold some sites of the city, in a mix of modernity and tradition, to create an enchanting atmosphere for all the visitors. Meran, lively and elegant city that offers artistic, musical and recreational events all year round, is the ideal framework for Imperial Art.

PREMIUM partner of the Meran Thermal Baths, the Imperial Art hotel offers its guests free entrance to the baths, with an entrance chip and the possibility to go in and out of the baths without set schedules and having to queue up at the entrance. 

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