The spotlight is on real Excellence of sustainable management in an enchantedand romantic corner of Milan, precisely at the Milan, Brera, Dome triangle. It is a historic location with an eco-chic atmosphere, a green restaurant, terrace-bar looking over the city, and an original roof-orchard that supplies the kitchen with its “zero-kilometer” products, and top class customer-focused service. Milano Scala Hotel, the first zero-emissions Hotel of the Lombard capital, offers not only elegantly furnished rooms but all the ingredients to transform a mere stay into a stimulating experience for all the five senses – a luxurious but never ostentatious place where time flows while sipping a drink or an evening with friends, reveling in the excellence of flawless hospitality, discovering a constant reference to opera music in the decor of bedrooms and lounges, rightly inspired by the nearby Scala Theater, and starting the day with a sumptuous breakfast to the sound of live concert music. As they say, details make the difference and at Milano Scala Hotel the differences are evident. A smiling “Guest Assistant” is at hand for tips on shopping and cultural events in the city, and will help fulfill all the desires of the hotel’s clientele. If live concerts are the main feature at breakfast, lunchtime is the real thing with the dual offer of “Veg-Veg” cuisine (vegetarian and vegan) and at dinner the “Regional Menus” of the La Traviata restaurant with its overwhelming all-around cuisine. During their stay, guests are pampered with care and courtesy – custom pillows, one’s favorite newspaper, and the pleasant surprise of finding one’s initials embroidered on the bathrobe pockets, not to mention the really MUST HAVE wellness treatments from 7.00 to 24.00 right there in your room, or the possibility to drive around with a 100% electric courtesy car. As a foretaste of Expo 2015, the Milan International’s ethical and sustainable foods expo, this first ZERO-emissions Hotel of the Lombard capital presents its GREEN & GLOCAL cuisine, an original concept of food and wine which blends the local regional products in compliance with its ORGANIC restaurant, and the global dimension of its international calling addressed to clients throughout the world.  In the next few months La Traviata Restaurant will host, within its own evening menu, fanciful recipes using products linked to the territory. These occasions will feature the creations of the young Chef, Fabio Castiglioni, who will head the Hotel’s kitchen from this year on, with a lineup of other north Italian excellences.

Milano Scala Hotel, the excellence of an unforgettable experience in the heart of Milan.





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