The overall worldwide consumption of rosè wine has always recorded a reduced percentage compared to other enological counterparts, mostly due to the fact that some used to consider it less refined. Trends have changed this 2014: rosè has finally conquered an important slice of the market – which in number translates in the 9% of the overall world wine consumption – and its presence on the wine lists of restaurants all around the world is in constant expansion.

France is still number one in the production of rosè wine, followed by Italy with a remarkable 20%. After all, in Italy there’s even a festival completely dedicated to the rosè (often the ladies’ drink of choice due to its elegance and fine taste) called Concorso Rosati D’Italia, which has just seen products from thePuglia region triumphing in this year’s contest. Rosè wines from this area are particularly suitable for the current season, in which many structured reds often result too heavy, and it’s still a little too early to start quenching the thirst on the beach with some fresh and mineral white wines.  Take note of the following three Italian rosè wines, we recommend them wholeheartedly.

Metodo Classico Rosè Brut di Polvanera. A peculiar bubbly from the Puglia region obtained by processing the primitive racemes in purity, which contributes to this wine’s gratifying and fresh taste and to its elegant and fine perlàge.

Margò Fiero, Rosato Umbria. A rosè wine with a fascinating hue obtained by processing Sangiovese grapes, in which fruity notes are chased by wild undertones reaching a palatable fullness once in the mouth.

Cirò Rosato, A’Vita. We are now in the Calabria region and the grape involved – rigorously bio – is called Gaglioppo. This wine has a structure and a complexity that perfectly suit this transitioning season, but not only.

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