Meissen Couture opens its Villa in Shanghai

Meissen Coutureis Europe’s most tradition-rich house of fine art and hand-crafted luxury with over 300 years of tradition. It has finally landed in China.The world’s largest Villa Meissen Couture opened in the Hengshanfang Buildings in Shanghai on 16 May 2015. The new Villa will offer Chinese customers the opportunity to purchase unique haute couture, exquisite accessories, jewelry, elegant furniture and works of art.  The famous Chinese artist Zhou Chunya was chosen as the first cooperative partner for this program. Zhou has created pieces such as “Stone”, “Green Dog”, “Peach Blossom” and many other masterpieces. In the context of the cooperation, Zhou and Meissen will jointly develop porcelain paintings, sculptures, teapots and vases. Part of the revenues from sales of these items will be donated to the “Art Helps the Handicapped” program, which is run by the “5 Colours” foundation that Zhou Chunya established.

The brand was established by king Augustus of Saxony, very passionate of Chinese arts. Messein helped the art of porcelain, which originated in China, to evolve and flourish in Europe. Thanks to Messein, this métier, which has been practiced in Saxony for more than three centuries, now returns to China, where   The Villa Meissen Couture Shanghai is the first and the world’s largest 360° experiential world that Messein has opened in China. The Villa enables its customers to immerse themselves in the entire world of luxuriously regal lifestyle and art. In Towers 6 and 9 of the Hengshanfang Buildings on Hengshan Street in the heart of the city, the Villa offers customers a tranquil oasis where they can serenely enjoy the luxurious lifestyle in the midst of the throbbing metropolis of Shanghai. The personal luxury worlds of couture, jewelry and accessories are shown on one floor. A second storey is dedicated to creations from the field of high-quality interiors and art. A third level hosts a furniture studio where no customer’s wish remains unfulfilled. A genuinely regal experience in the Villa Meissen Couture Shanghai where, if desired, a private butler will be available to assist customer while shopping. 

As a brand founded by a king, Meissen is an expert for the regal lifestyle. Meissen will soon start a program called “Royal Lifestyle” in China with a series of lectures about Meissen’s more than 300 year tradition of art and crafts. Since 2010, Meissen has developed cooperative ventures with mostly younger artists who are beginning their careers. The results are fascinating precious masterpieces made from Meissen Porcelain from 1770 until today.

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