Accent every woman’s beauty with the sound of the sea framed in a precious aquamarine petal. Brighten her up with the centennial story of a pearl. Make her shine at the mysterious light of black diamonds. Wear the nature in its most precious form, this is the central idea of Federica Rettore winter 2014 “ready to wear” jewelry collectionPlanet Earth is the source of inspiration chosen by the Milan based designer, loved by the most elegant women all around the world. Her winter 2014 collection focus the attention onto the uniqueness by nature of semiprecious stones. Grey labradorite, rodocrosite, turquoise become one of a kind pieces of art thanks to the artistic genius of Federica Rettore. Her hand engraving skills create cuffs, bracelets and pendants. The semiprecious stone petals are adorned with rose gold and diamonds that highlight the femininity of the design, which distinguish the collection. Zebu horns cuffs and bracelets, being the signature pieces of Federica Rettore, are included in the 2014 winter collection as delicate bracelet that follows the same distinguish design as the one in zebu horn. Federica Rettore’s eclectic use of materials, from the most precious to the most unusual, makes one say: “luxury coupled with taste becomes art”.It’s more than 18 years that the creative experience, handmade skill and restless aesthetic research of Federica Rettore satisfies the desires of the most demanding clients all around the world, from Italy to New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Aspen, Vail, and now also Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Japan. This is because her jewels are unique pieces. Because her gold comes in its warmest shades. Because, to her, “diamonds are fine but hey, they are better if they are rough”. Because her pearls are never globular and she even dares to place Mabè pearls upside down.And it’s not enough. As any great fashion designer does, Federica Rettore readies two new jewelry collections a year. Her custom creations, however, which are made to satisfy desires and needs of her most demanding customers, never age.Why don’t you take a look and pick your precious piece of Earth? Just click on the link


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