Rocco Forte Hotels renew the wellness concept

A new concept of wellness for each of his chain hotels, Rocco Forte Hotels springs his Personal Spa approach with diet, exercise and massages, all crafted around the guest necessities and preferences to ensure an exclusive, personalized wellness experience. The Rocco Forte Hotels- now with ten 5 stars hotels around the globe – has always been a sport and fitness fan. For the new Spa, the fitness room is hyper equipped with the last generation tools and machineries, with highly qualified trainers helping the guests around wearing high tech sport fashion suits. Exclusively made for the family business, the Black Label brand created a collection of sportswear from materials such as silk, algae, milk, bamboo and cotton to protect and nourish the skin. This hotel stocks Kit&Run sportswear as well, produced by British brand Every Second Counts, so clients will be able to comfortably exercise even if they lost or forgot their sports clothing at home.

The DNA Fit salivary test is where innovation embraces health and wellbeing: the sample from a simple mouth-swab will produce enough informations to allow Rocco Forte Spa’s team to discuss and organize with the clients a highly customized program, to guarantee satisfaction in addressing individuals, different needs or requests. In theme of alimentation, the Rocco Forte Nourish menus – born from nutritionist in collaboration with specialized chefs – are also available in the private rooms, both in the minibar and for the room food service. Few good examples are involving soy, quinoa, gluten free products with hummus and raw food, but there are also extracted juices as well as healthy snacks that can be purchased directly at the Spa.

For the Sicilian Verdura Resort– the first of the chain in providing clients with five health programs – the inspiration from the Kneipp method includes the fit, slim,detox, anti-age and relax choices within the wellness programs, which may last between three and six days. The Rocco Forte Hotels Group -founded in 1996 by Rocco Forte and his sister Olga Polizzi – counts ten luxury resorts in different parts of the world. A trip which includes a Rocco Forte Hotel is also expected to be an exciting opportunity to explore the local territory. In regard of experience in this sector, there are no doubts the expectation will be fulfilled by the family, in this hospitality project since four generations.  

The Saudi Arabian hotel in Jeddah opening will be expected in 2016. China- Shanghai, precisely – will be next in 2018


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