MARCO MOROSINI versatile creativity

Born in 1972 in Pesaro, but adopted by the city of Rimini. Marco Morosini is a designer, a photographer, an entrepreneur and much more. He worked with Oliviero Toscani, his first book is “Kosovars Camp Hope”, edited by Leonardo arte Mondadori, he founded the Brandina brand, a line of fashionable must-have bags with 13 single-brand boutiques in Italy and soon also abroad. In 2013 he opened the sophisticated Granarola Castle, surrounded by the greenery of thousands of year old fragrant oaks, just few steps by the sea.

Marco Morosini, you define yourself a “thinker artisan”. What does it mean?

I am an artisan in the noblest sense of the term: I make prototypes with wood, metal and plastic. I think it’s right to ennoble the term and associate it to the “creating” concept. A Country able to create doesn’t know crisis. Italy is made of people that know how to create something.

You worked with Oliviero Toscani, has he been your mentor?

Yes, he has been a great mentor, especially regarding photography. I met lots of people during my career. Also Massimo Dolcini, with whom I worked in Pesaro, passed me a lot, and Antonio Ghini di Ferrari: for me he is a source of inspiration from a communication point of you.

Your photographs also became books. Which one are you more attached to?

Kosovars Camp Hope is the first and it has meaning to picture the war (in the book are portrayed the Balkans refugees ndr). I saw the fighters to bomb and people die for real. It is not a movie, I have experienced the real war. However the book I am more attached to is Dividirimini, a gallery of portrays capturing the lifeguards of Riviera.

Regarding your activity as entrepreneur. In 2005 you founded Brandina. What’s the secret behind the success of the Made in Italy brand?

Brandina was born by chance, nobody in my family was in the fashion field. The idea came to me while I was making the cover of Dividirimini, using a striped fabric. Creating a line of bags and accessories using the Italian Riviera sunbed’s fabric has been an intuition due to my designer background. The brand is more design than fashion house. It is an example of successful Made in Italy because we create, produce and communicate the product in the same place, our open space in Pesaro.

The Granarola Castle, opened in 2013, is the first “Long stay house by Brandina”.

Why is it such an exclusive place?

The rooms feature Brandina elements everywhere, that give a special twist to the structure. In 2007 we could manage to avoid the structure being pulled down to construct terraced houses. Today the castle mantains all its historic charm. From next summer three new rooms will be available: the Doors, the Secret Boxes and the Lantern. Our guests come here for the calm atmosphere and exclusive style. They are not just couples, also and in particular families from all over North Europe.












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