Elliot for Water, the search engine that saves lives

“I wanted to do something that could benefit the largest possible number of people”, explains inventor Andrea Demichelis to mfm.it. As the founder and Manager Director of Elliot for Water, the 22 years old adds: “I have been studying sustainability in Paris. That is when I realized that 70 per cent of the Third World get sick and die by consuming undrinkable water. I wanted to do something tangible about it that could benefit everyone involved“. With every click on the sponsored sites, the search engine earns money. Elliot for Water works in collaboration with Solwa, a startup located in Venice. Solwa, who created special machineries for water purification using solar energy, has been included in a United Nations program called IDEASS as an “innovation for humanity development“. The concept is simple and, once again, you just have to do your web searches the way you are used to. But using Elliot for Water to look online for that perfect hotel for you weekend getaway, or to book a restaurant in the neighborhood, will provide you with results and the part of the world who has no water to drink with a cup of fresh water. Demichelis concludes: “We use to work in Italy, now we are in London and this is my main activity“ Do you feel confident in the future ? “Sure I do! Things are going the right way, our first project just kick-off: it is to bring potable water to Guinea but it is only the starting point, we have many more initiatives in our minds“.

The villages reached with drinkable water will count on a technology that can sustain cultivation with any kind of land or water, including saline sea waters. A revolutionary concept from a little Italian startup and a big M for the Made in Italy, no fashion involved this time. MFM and Elliot for Water are partners, and together we ask you to do you part to save human lives with us. It’s easy, you just need to click. 


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