Umberto Bilancioni, Made in Italy style for men

“An indispensable showcase for international visibility”. Umberto Bilancioni chose Via Verri, 2 as location for his first mono-brand boutique. The Milanese store,  together with the one in Moscow, Dubai and Baku, is a strategic point for international retail expansion. The space is characterized by the natural nuances of cherry essence and American oak, and reflects the brand’s philosophy of using valuable noble raw materials like cachemire. Wood is combined with leather and steel details, a clear reference to the inlays typical of the first Umberto Bilancioni knitwear collections. A perfect play of lights enhance the ancient parquet floor, highlighting the walls covered in alcantara. A craftsmanship elegance typical of the Made in Italy quality of Bilancioni clothes.

The Maison is an excellence in the luxury knitwear sector in Italy. The headquarter is based in Falconara, near Ancona, and since the 80s it has promotes traditional craftsmanship, with a constant investment in research and development of the know-how. Bilancioni turns fine and high quality materials in one-of-a-kind products. The first Bilancioni collection was born from the Tricot patterns created by the founder Umberto Bilancioni, who designed a total look collection of casual chic inspiration: informal jackets, shirts, belts and shoes, up to travel bags and small leather goods. The fil rouge of the collections is anti-seriality, a concept of  style diametrically opposed to the fast fashion logic. Bilancioni man pays extreme attention to the quality of the product and appreciate even the smallest detail. A philosophy focusing on great attention and care of materials,  with no compromise, renovating its style in each collection.   


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