Fornasetti designs XILO1934 parquet

Three new collections: Musciarabia, Lost and Found, and Nicchie, make unique every square inch of your floor. Gio Ponti defined Piero Fornasetti “a real Italian”, for his works preserving a glorious Italian tradition. His creations span across all fields fabrics and fashion glassware and metals lacquers and porcelain, theatre and great exhibitions.  Musciarabia collection is inspired by decorations on a screen designed by Piero Fornasetti in 1954: a design reminiscent of the wood screen of the Ottoman period (called Musciarabia in Arabic) and processed like fine laces, converted in bi-dimensional trompe l’oeil by Piero unique style. Barnaba Fornasetti, Piero’s son, reedits this fine hypnotizing décor from the vertical surface to horizontal, inserting it in the parquet planks.

Lost and Found is an imaginary selection of lost and found objects from the airports of the world. Even bigger is the number of objects from the past. A variety formed by umbrellas, pipes, cutlery, oars and other personal items – some of them are also inserted on Fornasetti umbrella holders, card case and screens – casually and ironically decorate this original floor, giving hope even to the most distracted, to find what they lost.

Nicchie, the third collection, refers to antiques and natural elements. Fornasetti iconographies are part of a timeless world, fantastic and imaginary. This Piero’s classic archive décor has been transferred on the floor surface with an aesthetic effect perfectly in line with Fornasetti irony. The final touch of refinement is a classic décor of Piero Fornasetti archive, revisited by Barnaba Fornasetti, who is now proposing it for decorating natural wooden planks, with the single graphic style so characteristic of the Fornasetti figure, leit motiv of the first XILO1934 line.



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