Gorlini, unique tailor-made frames

Two levels store and six windows-shop in 500 square meters, the amazing  Gorlini flagship store at 27, Santa Sofia street in Milan. The showroom, aimed at both the general public and designers, offers the most innovative door and window designs of Milan excellence. The company was founded by Remo Gorlini in Legnano 60 years ago, but today it is a renowned international reality in the world of design, thanks to the various partnerships. The company location in Legnano is built on 6.000 square meters surface. There, Gorlini reproduces the typical windows and doors in white lacquered wood of the historical buildings of Milan, respecting the strict parameters imposed by authorities but with thermal and acoustic high-performance. “We produce and sell tailor-made frames combining high-quality workmanship with customized design to deliver innovative solutions for closure systems within buildings”, said Ettore Gorlini, CEO of a company that started as a family artisan workshop and became an acclaimed window and door industry. High standards of technology for eco-friendly windows and doors:  Gorlini only uses reforesting programmed wood.  High quality world-wide material supplies also for glass, paints and sealants.The showroom in Milan displays innovative high quality design space solutions. The first one was opened in Porta Lodovica in 1990. Then, it moved into a larger location closer to the city center in 2005. The new display area, ended few months ago, has been designed by Piero Lissoni. The traditional high quality materials is also showcased in other partner brands products, displayed in the store: Glas Italia, Ponzio, Internorm, Lualdi and Eclisse. The store concept istopromote a multitude of wide-ranging, versatile and innovative space solutions,from the most recent models to the design classics. A microcosm of amazing works of art shaped as windows, crystal walls or doorways.



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