Bacardi Gran Reserva and Grey Goose VX: a taste to excellence

A taste of excellence. Bacardi Gran Reserva 8 years absolutely smooth and enjoyable, a superior taste for connoisseurs.   After 130 years of being only a personal blend for the private occasions of Bacardi’s family,  today Gran Reserva 8 years is the most precious rum of the True Rums selection,expertly blended from the rarest rums and aged in small mature oak barrels for a minimum of 8 years. Gran Reserva 8 years offers a well-balanced, sweet and deep taste, a layered and sweet scented bouquet, with notes of dried fruits, forest fruit, prune, toasted almonds, vanilla and oak.Gran Reserva 8 years is exclusively barrel-aged in a tropical climate, essential for a perfect aging. Fans of spirits will love the Grey Goose VX, new entry of Grey Goose, best enjoyed on the rocks.  The new vodka is made with a hint of precious cognac, resulting in a luxurious hybrid spirit. The Grey Goose VX superb cognac is crafted by using eau de vies from grapes exclusively from Grande Champagne region, and the VX stands for ‘vodka exceptionelle’, sole and unique product eligible of this title. Grey Goose VX is housed in a bottle, made from extra flint glass(known for its high quality, clarity and resistance), that looks like a fusion between the fine French cognac decanter andthe classic Grey Goose Vodka bottle, to emphasize its luxurious elegance. Grey Goose VX, admirableand enjoyablefor special toasts and important occasions.  



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